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Nominator: Cynthia Flores, VIA Woman of the Year 2012


Once Upon A Time, in the beautiful island of Cebu, there was a little girl named Amelita…

She grew up with a curiosity both unique and insatiable. Never settling for the norm, she blazed through life with ambition and fearless ingenuity. If you could take the essence of sunshine and the twinkle of stars, and sprinkle it in the air, it would be as if she passed by. One day she met a boy named Ruperto…

Somewhat of a “James Dean,” a rogue as brilliant as she, a jack-of-all-trades, he possessed that certain “something” that brings two people together. They fell in love, and together they were blessed with a family…

The first being of great depth of mind and heart, she would take after the father in demeanor and personality. The second was the son, considered by some as reminiscent of the mother’s manner and bearing. The third was an enigma from the start, possessing of a piercing gaze and unquenchable mind betraying nothing of what lay within the depths of her mystery. The fourth would be the baby, taking after the mother’s remarkable analytic skill, charm and leadership ability. The four would love their parents dearly, for they devoted themselves to the success of their family – success not of money or achievement, but of character and integrity, trusting in God and able to depend on one another. And they lived… The story is still being written, but the heroes are already known. The mother is the teacher, the healer, the counselor, the friend. The father is the pillar, the joker, the provider, the mentor.

The story is still being written, but the family tree is still growing. The four having found their soul’s mates, are carrying on the torch. Looking forward to a lifetime together, the love shared by the family is in full bloom. The story is still being written, but the end is already known.

By the account of their patients, friends and family, the story is already an unequaled success. Members of the Mayuga Family:

Ruperto D. Mayuga, MD is a previous Hall of Fame Awardee for Medicine, Awardee of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce, and Cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for 29 years

Amelita A. Mayuga, MD is a previous Awardee of the Circle of Empowered Women.

She received recognition from Northwestern University as a “mother of distinction” after all four children graduated from NU. She is a co-founder and past President of the Acaylar Organization. She also served as Co-chairperson for the Sesquicentennial Celebration committee at her church. Together Rupert and Amy founded the Mayuga Medical Practice, and by God’s grace were able to care for thousands of patients. Their careers in health care are notable for the dedication to God, family and patients, as well as for their compassion and generosity to those in need. They have helped to finance the education of many children in many countries and of seminary students in the Philippines. They also support the work of missionaries in the Philippines, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Latin America, and New Guinea.

Myttle Mayuga Davis, MD is an Interventional Cardiologist specializing in coronary and peripheral vascular stents, percutaneous heart valves, and ventricular assist device placement. Her husband, Roger Davis, has an MBA and is a manager at a medical supplier. They have one daughter, Ainsley.

Kenneth Mayuga, MD, FACC, FACP is a Cardiologist Electrophysiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, a well-published author in medical journals and books, and an authority in syncope. He is also a medical school professor. His wife, Mirna Ayache Mayuga, MD, MPH, FACP is an Internist training further in Pulmonary Critical Care. She has an MPH from Johns Hopkins. They have a son, Alex, and a daughter, Anna.

Aimee Mayuga, MD graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University and proceeded to the medical specialty of Rheumatology at the University of Chicago. Her husband, Jason Farrer MD is an OB-GYN Anesthesiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and has received a “Teacher-of-the-Year” award. They have one daughter, Aria.

Rachel Mayuga, MHS completed her Masters in Health Care Finance and Administration at Johns Hopkins and is presently a Senior Administrator at Northwestern Medicine in Women’s Health/Obstetrics-Gynecology. In addition to managing multiple clinics, she most recently planned/opened/oversees the most modern and advanced fertility clinic in the country. Her husband, Timothy Kim, has a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, and acquired expertise in Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He is presently a senior consultant with a firm that contracts out EMR expertise to hospitals around the country.

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