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Significant Month of March

veronica leighton

By: Veronica Leighton


March 8, 2017 marks the International Women’s Day with a theme of “Be Bold for Change.” Though the World Economic Forum predicts that “the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186,” women around the world have been making great progress these days as they fight for equal rights and seems to be moving closer to gender parity.

March, named after Roman God Mars, is a remarkable and significant month for the more popular celebrations of Ides of March (March 15, the date of assassination of Julius Caesar who did not listen to soothsayers), St. Patrick’s Day (cultural and religious celebration of Ireland’s patron saint), March Madness (refers to NCAA 65 colleges in national basketball tournament), and these modern days the Nutrition Month, and the Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM), please follow reading the most interesting article written by Melody Dizon (Unchained Melody, page 29) on this topic. How true it is when she says, “problem gambling–or gambling addiction–includes all gambling behavior patterns that compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family or vocational pursuits.”

This month is likewise very significant in the history of our lives, the VIA Times and the CPRTV, as we transitioned to a lifestyle of hi-rise living from homeowners after 22 years). Hectic is a mild word to describe the process of moving, the stress is something that is being described by Joe Mauricio in his Objectively Yours column on page 22. He describes it and writes from his heart when he says, “Moving represents a transition in life, it’s about change and unfamiliarity, and for many people, it causes stress and anxiety. As humans, most of us like familiarity, routine and order. When you’re moving, you have none of those.”

Through it all, it has been quite a wonderful experience, for doing it at this time of our life as we find it a much better change for our lifestyle, health and peace of mind.

I thank some friends who took time to send me encouraging and uplifting words during this time of change (Veronica’s Vibes, page 5).

In the midst of all this, news of friends that have left this world and going to eternal life have reached us, making us pause for prayers and condoling with the families of the departed. Please read Maria Girlie Pascual’s touching column, “Three Dads, A Singer and Four Funerals, ” about the recently departed souls that she was talking about. Ditto with Elsie Sy Niebar’s column (Notebook, page 14), talking about her friends the Bagley’s (full page on page 39) and noted community leader, Paz Saladino. With a very sad note, this includes the passing of a very dear friend, Cecile Sevilla, my bff, my confidante that I’ve shared lots of memories with (please read a eulogy I wrote on page 5, Veronica’s Vibes, for her memorial service).

Never behind in the world of politics, our editorialist, Joe Mauricio talks about the latest update on Mexican Border Crossing issue on this page.

Our featured cover for this month are the beautiful young Patron sisters headed by Miss Young Quezonian of the Midwest, Crisza Anne Patron, together with sisters Cece, Clarizze Andrea and Chazzy Angel as fashion models at the February QAM event. Refreshing beauties as cover girls!

Enjoy reading, as usual, your favorite Filipino American newsmagazine in Chicago!##

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Sight from our new dig, new home for VT/CPRTV, (1) half moon trying to peek in our window at 6:30 in the morning lately, (2) where “on a clear night you could see forever,” the Chicago skyline and skylines of neighboring suburbs of Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Schiller Park & Norridge, one mile from O’Hare.

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