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Crisza Anne Patron Miss Young Quezonian of the Midwest


Crisza Anne Patron was born on October 7, 2004. In 2005, Crisza, her mom (known as Chaz or Daisy), and her older sister Cece migrated to America to join their dad, Jhun Patron. In the U.S., Andrea (age 10) and Chazzy (age 5), soon joined the Patron family, two welcome additions, (with Andrea born in 2007 and Chazzy born in 2011).

Crisza and her whole family always enjoy spending time together. Always a complete and happy family, whether it’s at a big party or just a small gathering, the closely-knit Patron family is a beautiful sight to look at. Crisza and Cece are both violinists and they both proudly represent their school orchestra. Soon enough, Andrea will be able to join in on the fun together with her two musical sisters. Mother Chaz is a well-known singer in the community of Chicago, and her father is a very good photographer/videographer. Youngest Chazzy is a sweet, loving sister, and a darling to everyone, will soon enter kindergarten.

From a young age, Crisza always dreamed of being a model. She dreamed of being a model not only for the enjoyment of walking on the runway, but to also show to others, particularly her age group, that everyone is unique in their own way in carrying clothes.

Crowned as Little Miss Quezonian of the Midwest (also known as Miss YQM) 2016 – 2017 on February 11, 2016, Crisza started gaining the confidence to actually live her dream in the field of modeling at a very young age. This was followed by her joining the Sampaguita Circle fashion show, where she was given the opportunity to walk the runway along with



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