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CPRTV (Chicago Philippine Reports TV) Interviews/Features…[June]


Veronica’s exclusive interview with former CPRTV Anchorperson Thelma Dumpit. Vacationing from the Philippines with her family (husband Roland Murillo, boys Tom, Nick & Matt), they made a breezy visit in Chicago and granted us an interview. She is now into managing a family farm, overseeing cashew nuts plantation and distribution of cashew vinegars from there. What an entrepreneurial lady!cprtv2

Joe Mauricio on a one-on-one interview with young Chef Matt Murillo from the Philippines. Matt owns and operates the “Wild Juan” restaurant in Tagaytay, Philippines. He is the oldest son of former CPRTV Anchor, beauteous Thelma Dumpit.


Veronica’s exclusive interview with Mark Sticklin, Anger- management Seminar Speaker and author of the book, “Anger Management: A Simple Guide to Managing Life’s Expectations”.


An interview with CPRTV Host Joe Mauricio, Elena and Peter Kelsey, husband and wife co-owners of K’ul Chocolate, farm to bar endurance chocolates with no additives, vegan, gluten free.

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