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Happy Family Holidays


By: Veronica Leighton


Don’t you find yourselves just rushing much faster and finding the clocks ticking away double- time from Thanksgiving to Christmas? In our case, it always starts with our annual gala event, the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame, which we celebrate during the Fall season, then the Thanksgiving, then Christmas. As we all know by now, the legendary Hall of Fame 2017 gala event was a huge success!

Whew! The only word we could express ourselves in this hectic and frantic situation.

Our Thanksgiving family event was spent quietly for the first time with my son and his family (grandchildren Maya and Christian and wife Christy) on a formal sitdown dinner at his home, prepared by Christy and assisted by Bobby. First time I said and I consider it historical, because my son Bobby and his family usually take off for a Thanksgiving vacation somewhere, except at this particular time. My granddaughter Maya said prayer before meal and my grandson Christian was so generous with his hugs and kisses tenderly given to Lola all night long. Yes, Thanksgiving is a solemn family togetherness, to remember to give thanks to all the blessings we receive through the years.

Our annual VT/CPRTV Christmas party held last December 3rd at the Pavilion social room was a big hit for our invited staff and guests with the singing of popular and traditional Christmas Carols, plentiful foods and favorite fares, and a surprise number from Rico “Michael Jackson,” Chicago’s No. 1 MJ Impersonator. What an evening full of fun and camaraderie for the spirit of Christmas!

Sexual Harassment is the buzz word these days, wherever you go, watching TV’s, newspaper articles, grocery stores, meeting places and dances. Leading names are coming from Hollywood to Washington. Very interesting, and please read our Editorialist Joe Mauricio’s two-cents on this recent topic in our society.

Our romantic and exciting cover this month features the new Mr. & Mrs. Kristoffer Wildoer, son of our veteran G-Mail columnist and CPRTV Anchorperson for many years, Maria Girlie Pascual. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Please enjoy reading this wonderful Christmas 2017 issue from cover to cover, with thoughts and messages from your favorite columnists writing about this beautiful and sacred month of the year. May the new year bring us all a more prosperous, prolific and peaceful encounters and interactions with each other.##


VT Publisher Veronica Leighton welcomes guests at the annual VT/CPRTV Christmas party. Merry Christmas to all!


Sitting: Veronica with grandson Christian Leighton, standing: Granddaughter Maya with Mom Christy & Dad Bobby Leighton during Thanksgiving dinner.

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