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The Asian Voters


By: Veronica Leighton


We have three months to go until the national election on November 3, and together with the Covid Pandemic is the Election Pandemonium as we see them unfolding before our very eyes every hour on the hour these days. So suddenly, a new political movement, unfamiliar to many of us, Black Lives Matter has become the focus of the Democratic party’s political agenda.

What is BLM or Black Lives Matter? It is a movement that “exists as a decentralized network with about 16 chapters in the United States, Canada and UK. The broader movement and its related organizations typically advocate against police violence towards black people, as well as for various other policy changes considered to be related to black liberation.” Claiming to be trained Marxists and likewise trained militias, the Republican party is faced with some calamitous election issues to counter BLM issues. One of the biggest political issues as of deadline is to defund the police, which is something very new to many of the political laymen like us.

Well, that’s politics for us, more, until next time. Meanwhile, let’s talk abut our most exciting August issue. A most exciting month for us, August is the 37 th anniversary of the award-winning Via Times Newsmagazine, a community publication that has been bringing so much joy and delight to our many readers for so many years. It has established itself as the only ethnic Asian multi-media in the U.S. (print, TV, web and social media), founded, run and managed by a multi-awarded Filipino woman publisher/chief editor.

Enjoy VT’s cover feature this month of August, Ms. Joey Marie Alforque-Warren, Ms. Earth-Wisconsin 2020, and enjoy reading her story and whirlwind nature activities in the midst of the Covid pandemic on page13.

August is also the month that we honor and celebrate the birthdays of my co-publisher and husband, Joe Mauricio (on August 19 th, pictorials in next issue, and Senior Editor Elsie Sy-Niebar, August 24th). Enjoy your natal days!

We condole with the Rabor family for the passing of Alice Rabor, the mother of our columnist Melody Dizon (Health Matters, page 21), Alice Rabor. We find it to be the saddest event in our lives these days is when you can’t even get to see your departed loved ones before, during, and after they left us on this earth, not even a tear or a kiss for the final farewell. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to our dear Melody and her family when her mom died in Cebu City, Philippines very recently. Via Times and its staff are sending its deepest condolences to the Rabor-Dizon families.

Enjoy reading our most exciting August issue, following up on your favorite columnists’ articles and pages.##


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