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Abigael Joan S. Turija celebrated her 18th Birthday


Abby Graduated at Plainfield Central HS with honors with a GPA of 5.0. She is going to University of St Francis in the Fall to Study Nursing. Her Parents gave her this grand d ebut as her graduation gift and a celebration for all her achievements. She was the former Ms. PIWC 2019. She was als o the Reyna Elena of The Grand Santacruzan held at St John Paul Parish at Kankakee, Il in year 2019. She j oined Lin Ay sang Dinagyang in 2018 and also joined Ms. Young Ambassadors by Chicago Nightingales in 2018. Ms. Ginalene Lopez first introduced her into modelling and her fashion shows few years ago and has been enjoying that since.
A blessing was done by Rev. Fr. Sunny Castillo. She was serenaded by some of our beautiful t alented performers who sang Disney themed songs among them were, Fr. Sunny Castillo, Ms. Jovie Calma, Ms . Kayla Tejero, Ms. Kate Songco, Ms. Audrey Esquivel, Mrs. Janice Lumangtad and Ernie Philip Turija.

Parents: Rene John And JoAnne Turija

Brother: Rene Joseph Turija

Abby’s Cotillion members
• Jena Ecang and Justin De Leon
• Jaden Ecang and Kyle Betalac
• Giana Zapanta and Garrick Bambule
• Arielle Sinio and Kevin Cheung
• Audrey Esquivel and Terrence Manejero
• Isabella Viejon and Tristan Manejero
• Kait Pillion and Rene Joseph Turija
• Jessica Cates and Kevin Rodriguez
• Christian De Leon
• Escort: Hayden Gernade
• Cotillion Dance: So Close from the movie Enchanted
• A dream is A wish your heart
Makes from the movie Cinderella

18 Treasures:
• Ritz Servande (Aunt)
• Jannette Sunga (Aunt)
• Roche Olivares (Aunt)
• Alma Olivares (Aunt)
• Irma Villanueva (Aunt)
• Theresa Manejero
• Theresa Guillergan
• Editha Evans
• Gillian Bambule
• Ginalene Lopez
• Geraldine Gaden
• Maureen Devleiger
• Zosielyn Deleon
• Minerva Sapitula
• Jeniffer Calma
• Catherine Puig
• Evangeline Baad (Ninang)
• Emerose Brotarlo (Ninang)

18 Roses:
• Rene Joseph Turija (Brother)
• Joshua Santillan (Cousin)
• Arjohn Servande (Uncle))
• Sam Servande (Cousin)
• JC Servande (Cousin)
• Daniel Servande (Cousin)
• Joshua Sunga ( Cousin)
• Jarrell Sunga (Cousin)
• Crisaldo Sunga (Uncle)
• Oscar Olivares (Uncle)
• Anthony Olivares (Uncle)
• Jaymar Vitto (Cousin)
• Nicholas Olivares (Cousin)
• Gino Olivares (Cousin)
• Eron Mikael Olivares (Cousin)
• Eric Calma (Ninong)
• Junie De Leon (Ninong)
• Rene John Turija (Dad)

18 Candles:
• Angelina Turija (Grandma)
• Jannelle Sunga (Cousin)
• Erich Olivares (Cousin)
• Kayla Tejero
• Jessica Cates
• Kait Pillion
• Arielle Sinio
• Juybe Rojas
• Jaden Ecang
• Jena Ecang
• Audrey Esquivel
• Isabella Viejon
• Giana Zapanta
• Casienmarie Puig
• Benzelle Jereos
• Sweet Sarita
• Janice Lumangtad
• JoAnne Turija (Mom)

Gown designed by Tata Blas Pinuela of Desenyo Artikulo Coutoure of Iloilo City Philippines
Choreography by Mom JoAnne Turija Hair and Make-up: Froilan Cabrera Photo Credit: Freddie Aguilar

cover1a cover1b cover1c cover1d

Family picture, L-R: Jo, Rene Joseph, Abigael and RJ Turija.


Fr. Sunny Castillo rendering the Blessings to the Debutant Abby Turija


Male cotillion escorts


From Left (back row)Jaden Ecang, Arielle Sinio, Kait Pillion, Giana Zapanta, Isabella Viejon, Jena Ecang Front Row from Left Jessica Cates, Abigael Turija, Audrey Esquivel


Philippine Consulate representatives: Mr. Joseph Alcantarra, Consul Ryan Bondoc, Abby Turija, Rj Turija, Mr. Noly Dulay, Mr. Regan Maning


18th Roses participants


18th Candles participants


18 Treasures: Back row from the L: Ginalene Lopez, Zosielyn De Leon, Catherine Puig, Emerose Toledo, Theresa Manejero, Maureen De Vlieger, Ritz Servande, Jannette Sunga, Alma Olivares, Roche Olivares, Edith Evans, Theresa Guillergan, Gillian Bambule. Front row from L: Evangeline Ambrosio, Jeniffer Calma, Minerva Sapitula, Abby Turija, Irma Villanueva , Geraldine Gaden


Cotillion members: From left back row Justin De Leon, Garrick Bambule, Kevin Chung, Kevin Rodriguez, Arielle Sinio, Kait Pillion, Giana Zapanta, Isabella Viejon, Tristan Manejero, Terrence Manejero, Kyle Betalac, Escort Hayden Gernade,Christian De Leon. Front row from the Left Jaden Ecang, Jessica Cates, Rene Joseph Turija, Abby Turija, Audrey Esquivel and Jena Ecang


Guests from left to right: Duke Sioson, Dindong Songco, RJ Turija, Bobby Guillergan


Back Row from L: Rj Turija, AJ Garganera, Jesselyn Garganera, Ginalene Lopez, Abby Turija, Geraldine Gaden, Wayne Gaden, Carla Escalante. Front Row from L: Dr. Dan Garganera, Dr. Mike Hizon, Benilda Hizon


Back row from left: Alice Lagman, Edna Lubuguin, Telly Yumping, Abby Turija, JoAnne and RJ Turija Front Row from L: Gil lubuguin, Bobbie and Nadhja De Leon , Fr. Sunny Castillo and Fr. Dindo Billote


Back row from L: Dingdong Songco, Oscar Olivares, Ella Songco, Abby and RJ Turija, Kayla Flores, Totik Flores and Rachel Flores. Front row from L: Karen Songco, Dra Remy Escalona, Dr. Manny Escalona, Natalie Flores


Back row from L: Adoracion Bacatan, Kayla Tejero, RJ and Joanne Turija, Abby Turija, Flor Castil, Froilan Cabrera, DJ Zanty. Front row from L: Dina De Guzman, Veronica Leighton, Jesse Viado, Jovie Calma, Lindy Tan

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