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September’s Labor Day, 9/11, and Autumn Colors


By: Veronica Leighton


Sharing the same month of September for its significance and impact not only in this country but throughout the whole world are the Labor Day (celebrated every first Monday of September) and the tragic September 11 or 9/11 on that unforgettable September 11, 2001. Our editorial (on this page) and Veronica’s Vibes (page 5) have touched and discussed the 9/11, recalling the tragic past and telling stories about the current happenings.

Labor Day, historically, constitutes a yearly national acknowledgment to the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. Through the years, it has evolved from a purely labor union celebration into a general festival of last fling of summer, mostly forgetting the origin and deeper meaning of the day.

September is the beginning of my favorite colorful season of fall or autumn characterized by falling leaves, with summer’s verdant green plants and trees changing to lovely colors of gold, yellow, red, orange, even grey and green. Growing up in the Philippines, I remember liking so much the song “The Autumn Leaves.” It must be a dream come true when I migrated to Chicago and have since been personally witnessing and enjoying the sights of the beautiful autumn foliage and its nifty smell of coming cold winter.

Sharing with you the “Safely Home” poem sent to me by friends Drs. Carmencita and Ding Fulgado, now Florida residents), upon my Irog Joe’s passing. I suggest that you read and nurture every word expressed, particularly when you just lost a loved one, as it touches not only your inner feelings but your very soul and gives you hope and trust to be united in Jesus’ hand in your next meeting. This poem was read by Rev. Nancy Abiera (On a Bright Side columnist even translated the poem in Tagalog) at the memorial service for Joe’s final resting place on his August birthday (please see the half-page pictorial on page 16)

Safely Home

I am at home, dear ones: Oh so happy and so bright! There is perfect joy and beauty in this everlasting light. All the pain and grief is over. Every restless tossing passed; I am now at peace forever, safe home in Heaven at last. Did you wonder why I so calmly walk the valley of the shade? Oh! But Jesus’ love illumined every dark and fearful glade. And He came Himself to meet me. In that way so hard to tread: And with Jesus’ arm to lean on, could I have one doubt or dread? Then you must not grieve so sorely, for I love you dearly still! Try to look beyond earth’s shadows, pray to trust our Father’s Will. There is work still waiting for you. So you must not idly stand; Do it now, while life remaineth – you shall rest in Jesus’ land. When the work is all completed, He will gently call you Home; Oh, the Rapture of that meeting! Oh the joy to see you come!

This special September issue brings to you our community’s wonderful events, get-togethers, and happenings back again, with the easing-up of the Covid lockdowns in our state, although some precautionary rules must be observed, such as the mask wearing and six-feet distancing, and, of course, washing of hands.

Your VT favorite columnists have enthusiastically written for your reading pleasures their selected topics and specialties in their individual columns that I know you will truly enjoy.

Enjoy reading, as usual, your favorite local newsmagazine, from cover-to-cover. ##


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