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April’s Spirituality in Many Ways


By: Veronica Leighton


As we are approaching the Holy Week as of deadline, here’s wishing everyone, friends, family, readers, and advertisers a Happy Easter! Easter Sunday is the most-awaited festivity after a one whole week of solemn and somber religious remembrances and recollections of Jesus’s sacrifices on the cross showing us the apex of sacrificial love. As mentioned in our Editorial on this same page, we recollect with fond memories the Philippines’ Holy Week traditions of senaculo (passion play), pabasa (passion by singing), bisitang iglesia (churches visitation), stations of the cross on Good Friday, processions, floats, Easter Vigil, midnight mass, concluding on Easter Sunday for joyful celebrations with an added fun of Easter Egg Hunt for children in the modern era. Our spiritual columnists, Pastor Edward Cortez, takes us to Psalm 22 “Cry from the Cross”, and Pastor Nancy Abiera, in her “Best You Version 2022” is giving us some beautiful words and thoughts on “Reflection” for this month’s religious observances. Our father-and-daughter columnists tandem Ryan and Kayla Tejero are taking us to another religious traditional celebration in the Philippines known as “Santacruzan,” but this time it’s some kind of a prelude to the religious procession to be held some time in May. This one is the Santacruzan fashion show, hailed as a successful fundraising event held very recently (enjoy the fullpage pictorial). Ryan’s column talks about the young beautiful models in their showcase of colorful splendor of gowns from the Philippines created and designed by famous Philippine designers. Our “filipinized” American columnist Prof. Robert Boyer, is saluting some strong and courageous Filipino women in his article titled, “And the winner is….strong Filipino Women. ” Telling you, this professor from St. Norbert College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been writing non-stop about the beautiful Philippines and its courageous people since his start with Via Times for more than a decade now. To be included on the list of strong Filipino women without reservations is our VT cover this month, our Grande Dame of our community, Dalisay Manuel Villalon, an Alpha Woman, Seasoned, Empowered, whose delightful, impactful, and impressive personality is something to be reckoned with in our community. Thanks so much to the following VT staff members who have made sure to lend me a helping hand and uplifting my spirit with their physical presence on the first memorial celebration of my Irog Joe Mauricio last March 19th: Rev. Pastor Nancy Abiera, Maria Girlie Pascual and James DC, Melody Dizon with husband Dino, Lourdes Mon, Robert Chavez, Zeqi Guo, and friends Fred and Nora Tsai, Elizabeth & Elbert Regacho, Liza Vasich, Gerry Rebello, and Christina & Rey Nonato. Enjoy reading your favorite columnists’ exciting articles in this wonderful April 2022 issue


At “Irog” Joe Mauricio’s memorial service on March 19th: Girlie Pascual and Zeqi Guo, flanking Veronica


Pastor Nancy Abiera and Veronica at Acacia Park Columbarium.

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