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Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas!


By: Veronica Leighton


As a Filipino by heart, mind and soul, our ardent fervor for our patriotic love for the Philippines is being expressed and displayed in this month of June as we celebrate the 124th anniversary of the Philippine Independence. Please read our Editorial on this page as we discussed briefly the “two Philippine Independence days” in our history.

There’s a new hope on the horizon mostly for the kababayan living in the Philippines with the election victory of the 17th President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, aka Bong Bong Marcos, son of the deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos. His pronouncement of “reconciliation and unity” since he was elected in a stunning landslide election last month seems to be injecting the message of “let bygones be bygones” (referring to the sad tales of his father’s dictatorship era). His inauguration will take place on June 30th at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Amid our final deadline for this month, we posed and attended the annual Community Picnic of the Philippine Independence Week Committee chaired by Julia Chavez. PIWC is our community’s only remaining organization (there used to be four) that celebrates this patriotic day of the Filipinos here in Chicago.

PIWC’s major event is the gala Coronation Ball to be held on June 18th at the Holiday Inn North Shore Skokie chaired by Ginalene Lopez. PIWC overall chair this year is Ernie Lapid. Via Times July 2022 cover will feature the PIWC Beauties. Congratulations to all!

Our inside pages feature loadful of summer activities including graduations, birthdays and anniversaries that included my own birthday in May. You will have fun perusing these pictures and reading your favorite columnists’ articles in this beautiful month of June.

Proud of our Filipino heritage, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! (VVL)


Some FilAm seniors’ dance time at the PIWC Picnic.


PIWC Picnic 2022 Chairperson Julia Chavez with Veronica in front of the banner at the picnic held at Proesel Park Lincolnwood.


Enjoying the PIWC picnic, Neriza Pineda, Neneth Miranda, Veronica and Elsa Castillo. (Photo by Neriza)

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