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Good News and Bad News


By: Veronica Leighton


Good News first. Some say that the mighty month of August is a sad month. Not only that it is being counted as the last month of the enjoyable summer months, but it is also the month that vacation plans are halted, and many schoolchildren resist the idea of going back to school which happens either in August or September. But in our community, August has been jumping and rolling with all kinds of wonderful summer activities– picnics, parties, bbq’s, fishing, golfing, etc. From the Via Times family alone, happy to present the superb grand events that were held this month featuring the beautiful and talented VT family.

Vibes column on page 5 presents young and talented columnist (YFA On Campus) Kayla Tejero on her ultra-presentation of her 21st birthday celebration–dramatic, significant, memorable. The vivid and vibrant program presentation on August 5th at Crystal Grand Lemont was just exciting, as everything was choreographed and carefully thought-out by the birthday celebrant herself. Happy belated birthday to Kayla!

Another grand event by a VT family for the summer month (July 30) was the Sharping home concert featuring our columnist Attorney Janice Dantes, her brother Alvin Dantes, her son Kai and cousin Harper, with the guest appearance of former VT columnist Louella Cabalona. It was a beautiful afternoon of music, fun, camaraderie, food and candles. Congratulations to Janice who surprised many for her musical talents in singing and in playing the piano.

Now the Bad News. Dr. Robert Boyer, Ph.D., who has been delighting us with his regular contributions in his column “Philippines,” about his thoughts, his updates, his experiences, his love for our beloved country Philippines, is saying adieu to us and this will be his final column this month. He will be leaving us and his readers with a sad heart, to attend to an immediate family situation. Here’s a fraction of his note to me: “My wife is experiencing some medical issues, and I have had to take over a number of tasks that she had been taking care of so expertly for many years. I know I don’t have to explain this situation any further to you because you and Joe had a similar partnership. I think I have told you how much I admire how you have continued to manage the Via Times outlets.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed writing the monthly “Philippines” column. And how much I have learned about the country which I have come to love. The memories I have of my in-country experiences remain all the more vivid because of the articles, and of course the personal memories give life to the online research.”

This really breaks my heart, but meantime, enjoy reading, as usual, this beautiful summer issue of Via Times’s 40th year anniversary Enjoy following up your favorite columnists exciting articles. Enjoy the last month of summer! ###


VT columnist Attorney Janice Dantes (What Would Janice Do?) and brother Alvin Dantes at the charcuterie table during the home concert held at their Des Plaines home on July 30th. Please read Veronica’s Vibes on page 5.

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