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Opens New Money Transfer Corridors to Vietnam and The Philippines

Maxi’s money transfer services are now also available to Vietnam and the Philippines. Operating in the money remittances space for two decades, Maxi (Maxitransfers, LLC) annually manages billions of dollars in money transfers from the US. Maxi has focused on serving US-based Hispanic immigrants through its network of more than 3,000 authorized agents across the US, with over 50,000 payer locations in 17 Latin American countries. Maxi also provides other key services that immigrant communities need, such as bill payments or cell phone top-ups.

With its services expansion, Vietnamese and Philippine US-based immigrants can now also easily and safely send money to their loved ones back home with Maxi.

“We are very excited to add our first remittance destinations outside of Latin America. This is an important next step towards our goal of helping all immigrant communities in the US send money back to their loved ones safely and at the lowest possible cost,” says Gabriel Manjarrez, Maxi’s CEO.


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