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New Year’s Wishes of Happiness, Abundance and Good Health


By: Veronica Leighton


Cheers and wishes of good luck, prosperity, and success to all our readers and friends. New year is the festival to spread joy everywhere and share our feeling of happiness.

Feeling nostalgic during the last New Year’s celebration that quickly passed, the Philippines’s New Year traditions, customs, and superstitions come into mind. And, there’s quite a number of them, all for reasons of luck, abundance, and prosperity, so my apologies if I missed one or two of these interesting things that must be observed for the new year for our being “Filipinese.” Wearing a polka dot, coins, eating sticky foods, keeping doors open, fireworks, Media Noche, keeping the containers full, cleaning the house, paying debts, eating grilled fish, etc are just some of the beliefs that must be observed and believed. I find these so endearing as am familiar with them, growing up in the Philippines during my young years.

During the Holiday Season, I have had a chance to catch up and enjoy a heartful lunch or dinner with some of our staffers. Loved their companies together with the pleasure of enjoying the most delicious holiday foods and offerings. Thank you, Melody Dizon, Jan Paul Ferrer and Maria Girlie Pascual with James DC. The year 2022 was an absolutely beautiful year for all of us. We thank God for the blessings given to us through the year/s. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and abundant new year! We welcome 2023 with great anticipation for more good things to come. Happiness to all our readers!##


Melody Dizon (Health Matters columnist) lunching with Veronica at the legendary Bob Chinn’s restaurant in Wheeling, IL.


JP Ferrer (Financial columnist) with Veronica at the historic University Club Chicago, for JP’s annual Christmas luncheon treat.

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