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Santacruzan Festival in May


By: Veronica Leighton


As you can glean from this very extensive and interesting April coverages, we have run the gamut from Mother’s Day, Asian American celebration, religious celebrations, professional happenings, to our community’s dances and events. And more.

The very successful religious Santacruzan Cultural Group of Greater Chicago’s queens, princesses, sagalas, models, performers have dominated some of our pages this month. May is the month of Flores de Mayo, a festival in the Philippines celebrating the May devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the entire month. The Santacruzan is the ritual pageant held on the last day of the Flores de Mayo that’s somehow exhibited through processions, fashion shows, beauty contests, and dances.

It’s noticeable and hearty to know just how some of organizations in our Chicago town have started to adopt this religious culture. May more tribes increase, as it’s adding pride and joy to our community. So letting you know that more Santacruzan events/activities are coming up for the next issue.

Thanks so much for the plaques received for the Via Times/ PRTV support from the founders/organizers of the Santacruzan Cultural Group of Greater Chicago headed by dynamic husband-and-wife team RJ and Joanne Turija (please see picture).

Likewise, enjoy our beautiful cover featuring lovely Jane Miran, Mrs. FAASD (Filipino American Association of South DuPage) Mrs. Philippines 2022-2024. Jane was also one of the active participants in this year’s Santacruzan, acting as one of the models and participants in the fashion show. She never tires, she always stays fresh and pretty.

Veronica’s Vibes (page 5) features a popular VT columnist as our Mother of the Year, Pastor Nancy Abiera (On A Bright Side, page 29). It’s so touching reading her two sons’ tributes on their Mom’s birthday and for Mother’s Day. Enjoy reading all your favorite VT columnists’s articles. Happy Month of AANHPI and Mother’s Day!###


Thank you for the trophies received for the support we give through Via Times and CPRTV to the Santacruzan Cultural Group. Photo shows, from left, Joanne Turija, Fr. Sunny Castillo, Veronica, and RJ Turija.

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