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Precious Moments and Treasures


By: Veronica Leighton


My last month’s scary health episode surely spread fear among friends and people in our community, particularly to my loving family. As I was suddenly hit by the debilitating stroke in the midst of the October deadline, I did not hesitate to stop working momentarily. I was confined to a hospital for the needed treatment and check-up for a few days, scared but still determined to work and meet our October deadline which we triumphantly finished on time, without any delays.

I find this precarious time to be precious moments as friends and family have shown and expressed their loves, cares, and support for my road to recovery, As you can gaze from our “Letters” on page 6. I printed some of the outpourings of love and support through the messages that caring friends have sent.

Here’s one treasured missive that I received from Ms. Rhia Luz, a friend from Arizona, a nurse, and founder and host of “Buhay-Buhay Sa Amerika,” a popular radio show in Arizona, who paid a visit and respects with her husband Noel a week after my hospital release. They were on their way to their East Coast vacation,

Here’s what Rhia says in her sweet note to share with our VT readers: “Tita Vero Leighton, our Midwest Iconic superstar, is an epitome of great Filipina strength and grace. I have known her presence since 1993 when I came to Chicago and it took almost three decades before I met her and now it felt like we’ve known each other for a lifetime after meeting her in 2019. After interviewing Tita Loida Nicolas Lewis, another iconic Filipino lady from New York, who just recently wrote her memoir, I thought of encouraging Tita Vero to publish her own memoir, too. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Can’t wait to see that “Veronica Leighton Memoir” to be written, published and read by millions of people. With all her more-than-four-decades of service to the community, let’s encourage her and write to Tita Vero to publish and share those memorable stories of hers, her life’s struggles and successes, and maybe she could get that book rolling! Let us support her by encouraging her to share and impart with us her life’s stories, episodes, and events, and her service to our community and beyond! (Rhia Luz)

Here’s another friend (in need and in deed) and has been a member of the VT staff and former CPRTV Host, Sarah Lee Turner, whose undying support of me and love with each other, personally and professionally, has always been there, tested, through the years. Sarah has just finished publishing a beautiful cookbook titled “The Via Times Delicious Treasures (Sarap Lasang Pinoy, with foreword by Veronica Leighton. Book photo is featured on her column on page 15, and my foreword for the book can be read on Veronica’s Vibes on page 5. A great collaboration, indeed, and am so proud of this memorable project, to say the least.

Have fun reading, as usual, this especially endearing November issue, with your favorite columnists’ exciting articles. Happy Thanksgiving to all and salute to all veterans out there on this month’s y Veterans Day.


Veronica, shown standing aided by a walker, on her road to recovery, surrounded by some members of the Chicago Dance Power, headed by her sis, Neneth Miranda (extreme left).


Rhia Luz, (at right), founder and host of “Buhay-Buhay Sa Amerika” , a popular radio program in Arizona, enjoying Tia Mia’s Filipino restaurant in Niles, during her recent Chicago visit. With her in picture are her husband, Noel Nkulu, and Veronica.

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