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ILAMID (Iligan Lanao Association of the Midwest, Inc. N.F.P.) Beauty Queens 2023 A Commitment to Change for Empowerment and Equality


In a world filled with challenges, one organization stands tall, determined to make a positive impact and create a more just and compassionate society. The ILAMID Organization is dedicated to bringing about meaningful through their purposeful initiatives, inspiring events, and ambitious goals.

At the core of the ILAMID Organization’s existence lies a firm belief in the power of collective action. The purpose is to uplift and empower those in need, working towards equality, peace, and social justice. By addressing societal issues head-on, this organization aims to create a brighter future for all individuals, leaving no one behind.

The ILAMID Organization understands the significance of engaging the community, sparking dialogue, and fostering connections. To achieve this, they host a wide range of events throughout the year. These events include educational sponsorship or the SCHOLARSHIP program, fundraising galas, and volunteer opportunities. Each event is thoughtfully designed to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborative problem-solving.

One of the ILAMID’s flagship events, the Annual Conferment…let say, empowerment gathering, held every month of SEPTEMBER along with the celebration of our CITY FESTIVAL and PATRON SAINT MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL…together with the invited influential and esteemed guests, experts, and community leaders from diverse backgrounds. This conference aims to attendees and equip them with the CULTURE and PRACTICES of our very own ILIGANONS, that from a small province of the Philippines have made a footprint to drive change within different communities to be served.

The ILAMID Organization sets ambitious goals that align with their vision of a just and compassionate world. Their primary objectives include:

1. Promoting Equality: The organization strives for equality across all aspects of life, be it race, gender socio-economic status, or opportunity. They actively work towards dismantling systemic barriers and nurturing an inclusive society.

2. Uplifting and Serving those in Need: Witnessing the struggles faced by marginalized individuals, the ILAMID Organization is committed to uplifting those in need. By providing support, resources, and access to opportunities, ILAMID aim to break the cycle of poverty and create pathways for success for everyone.

Lastly, ILAMID Organization’s unwavering commitment to creating lasting change is driven by the belief that everyone has the power to make a difference. Through purposeful initiatives, impactful events, and ambitious goals, ILAMID strive to uplift and empower individuals and communities who are most in need. By joining forces, we can create a and compassionate world for all, realizing the potentials and transform lives for a brighter future together.


ILAMID Queens 2023
Cristina Pumarada-Queen of Luzon
Lisa Dayna-Queen of Lanao
Zim Lovern-Queen of Iligan
Irene Gonzaga-Queen of ILAMID
Jam Zydel Castro-Queen of Mindanao
Jaina Sciackitano-Queen of Visayas


Queens of ILAMID 2022
Flor Castil-queen of Luzon
Rebecca Lund-Queen of Lanao
Lodi Po-Queen of ILAMID
Cherrylyn Gruenberg-Queen of Iligan
Cristina Knott-Queen of Visayas
Jelly Ann Barimbao-Queen of Mindanao


ILAMID officers 2023-2025
Lodi Po-President
Dr. Ray Gonzaga-
Vice President
Anita Cabanlit-
Ma. Rose Montalban-
Yen Samson-Auditor
Cristina Knott-PRO
Sly Cabungcal-PRO
Chairman of Committees


ILAMID Queens of 2023 with escorts: Lisa Dayna-Queen of Lanao, Gilbert Elumba-Escort, Zim Lovern-Queen of Iligan, Brian Lovern-spouse/escort, Irene Gonzaga-Queen of ILAMID, Dr Ray Gonzaga-spouse/escort, Cristina Pumarada-Queen of Luzon, Franz Gerard Vergara-escort, Jaina Sciackitano- Queen of Visayas, Jop Sciackitano-brother/escort, Jam Zydel Castro- Queen of Mindanao, Philip Barimbao-escort


Opening Salvo of the Queens 2023: Cristina Pumarada, Jam Zydel Castro, Irene Gonzaga, Lisa Dayna, Jaina Sciackitano


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