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April Showers Bring May Flowers


By: Veronica Leighton


Excitement is in the air for the month of April. As we have triumphantly said goodbye to the cold wintry months, and likewise being introduced into summer. We are now experiencing sultry springtime with our hearts fluttering for the coming of May flowers. God has made every season and every season brings forth change.

Spring is associated with rain, for the blooms and buds to open up and for the trees and grasses to turn green. Can you remember when you were young and loved to play in the rain, wade in mini-pools of water, even floods of water (in my childhood in the Philippines)? Those were the days and it’s now difficult to turn back the hands of time. Right now and every time, we love to welcome Springtime, in this part of the world that experiences the beautiful four seasons.

In this exciting April issue, we’ve talked about the total Solar Eclipse that was experienced in some parts of Illinois and has made hundreds of watchers trek to even as far as Texas to have a first-hand experience and bird’s eye view of this historical event. Please read our Editorial on Eclipse. More aftermath story of Eclipse on Veronica’s Vibes, page 5.

We are very proud to present Kirsten Regalado, our beautiful April Cover Girl, who’s also popularly known as an accomplished Filipino American Fashion Designer. Kirsten and her entourage of popular models are coming to Chicago on May 11th at the Renaissance Convention Center Schaumburg. Please see and read the inside story on page 8. An exciting parade of VIP’s, internationally-renowned Miss Universe beauty queens, fashion models and some of our popular local models will be presented in the “Walk for a Cause” fashion show.

Your favorite columnists’ articles in this issue are surely exciting and entertaining, as usual, for your reading pleasures, with some delighting our readers with the highlights of their international trips and with some with their typical words of wisdom and special advice to guide us by in our lives.

Wishing my pretty daughter-in-law, Christy Leighton, a happy birthday on her March 31st quiet birthday celebration at Moretti’s Italian Rosemont restaurant, with family. May you have many more birthdays to come, Christy!##


Birthday celebration honoring Christy Leighton who just turned 52, from left, Bobby Leighton, Veronica, Maya Leighton, the celebrant Abuelita Medrano, and Christian Leighton.


Birthday celebrant Christy Leighton.

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