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With the blessing of our esteemed publisher Veronica Leighton, I would like to use my column just to send all of you in the frontlines of this devastating pandemic named the ‘Corona Virus”, gratitude welling from the heart, for choosing to perform your duties, the wellness of others foremost in your minds. We would like to send out prayers and a fervent hope for your safety, to all of you doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical personnel who work hard to save lives, while risking yours.

Add to that the owners of small restaurants who, despite being hit hard as small businesses as the result of a statewide lockdown to prevent the virus from continuing to spread, from the sheer goodness of their hearts, have donated food from their kitchens to our healthcare professionals as a way of showing their appreciation. By honoring these brave men and women who show up despite the risks and sacrifices in caring for these COVID 19 patients, they have shown that human lives matter more to them than commerce.

Finally, I invite our readers to continue to pray, to follow our state mandate in staying home and keeping our distance socially, to be kind to one another as we all try to keep our heads above water in these trying times.

As Joe Mauricio, our director and Veronica’s hubby likes to remind everyone, “This too, shall pass”..and by God’s loving grace and mercy, I have no doubt it shall. Peace unto all!


Battleground Zero- Chicago Cook County Hospital Emergency room nurses helping COVID 19 patients daily are Joanne, Calumpang and Emelda Paed in the back and Joe Constantino and Raul Laygo in the front.


Viatimes Hall of Famers Geri Guidote of Savory Crust Empanadas  Dempster donated lunch to different hospitals
for healthcare workers – supporting and thanking them through food is a heavenly gesture indeed.


Their only defense are these head to foot PPE gear as ER Nurses Joanne Calumpang (seared in front) and along w her brave colleagues Joe Constantino on the left and Pete Ramos on the right continue to help patients at the very busy Cook County Hospital Chicago’s Emergency Room daily.


(L-R) Rachel Bayawa-Demalerio and Myrna Fabros of the 11NW unit of St Joseph Hospital in Chicago’s Lake Shore.


RN Elizabeth Regacho in full “battle gear” at Lake Forest Grayslake Emergency Department.


RN Elizabeth Regacho in full “battle gear” at Lake Forest Grayslake Emergency Department.


Chicken Ati-Atihan w owner Randy Famacion donates 115 meals to the health care personnel at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago.


RN Dean Aquino on the way to work at Lutheran General in Park Ridge, helping the cause everyday.


Lutheran General GI unit husband and wife nurses Drei and Anney Bas go to work daily and worry about coming home COVID free at night to their two little boys.


Savory Crust does it again ! Supporting our frontline healthcare personnel with their tasty empanadas is a wonderful gesture – thank you to Jen and Geri Guidote.


Beauty amongst the victims of mankind’s ugly enemy Corona Virus —Amy Ione Regacho, front and center taking care of COVID 19 patients at the very busy Cook County Hospital in Chicago.


Another beautiful lady inside and out, her Facebook cover says it all- thank you Joanne Calumpang, ER Nurse at John Stroger Hospital of Cook County in Chicago.


My BFF and RN Dan Gawat who keeps his visiting schedule for his elderly patients despite the risks.

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