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Remember When… They were Beauty Queens !

For the Fun of it and for “sentimental reason”.. in one of my sassy conversations with some of our beautiful ladies in our festive Filipino American Community, our “Happy,Talking Happy Talk” touched on recalling some of our past International Beauty Queens, like Gloria Diaz as the fi rst “Miss Universe”; Gemma Cruz-Araneta as the fi rst “Miss International,” and the counting goes on today. So, it is not surprising that our festivities like celebrating our Philippine Independence Day are highlighted with our local Beauty Queens whose Beauty is not only on their physical stature but coming from their Hearts… motivated by Charity … raising funds for the sponsoring-organizations. So, sentimental as I am, I brought out this idea of “Remember When… They Were Beauty Queens”… to bring back youthful memories to past Beauty Queens which they can show to their grandkids. So, this page was born. Dear Via Times Readers, with Joy and Pleasure… let me present to you Our Beauty Queens below! By the way, PIWC stands for the Philippine Independence Week Committee and DLC for Dance Lovers Club. From now on, “Remember When” is a special VT Feature Page. Interested Beauty Queens to be featured next issue, for information, please call me (Elsie) soonest at 773) 610-1287. First come, fi rst served. Share the Memories of a Beautiful Moment in your Life. Blessings to Everyone…

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