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In Loving Memory of Rovenal Jose Navea Palomares (Nov. 13, 1948 – July 14, 2017)

Rovenal Jose Navea Palomares was born in GUIHULGAN, Negros Oriental, Philippines. HIs father was Roman Palomares and his mother was Vivencia Navea Palomares. He’s the oldest out of five brothers, Andrew, Jesus, Roman Peter, Rosendo and Richard. When his parents died at an early age, he stood as caretaker of his siblings. His early responsibilities shaped his life. He was hardworking, determined, proud and cared a lot for his family.

Education was always very important to him. An honor student at Xavier University, he graduated Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Banking, Finance and ACCOUNTING at Colegio de San Jose-Recoletos (CEBU CITY). He met Marietta Arzadon in Cebu, were married and had children Mary (now deceased), Mark and Ben, Jr. They moved to CDO City and received his Master in Management at Liceo de Cagayan. After college, he took care of the family business while active in different organizations.

He was the Chairman and President of the United Market Vendors Association of Cagayan de Oro. He was appointed by City Mayor Rueben Canoy as a member of the City Price Control and City Mass Media Council. His dream job was to serve the people of CDO.

His last occupation before coming to the USA was as a college professor at the Liceo de Cagayan. He taught mathematics of investment, finance, and management until1989, when the whole family moved to Chicago.

Like any new immigrant coming to America, he worked hard, taking on different job opportunities to take care of his family. For him, it’s always God and family first.

Here’s his son’s, Ben Palomares, Jr., eulogy: “I followed his footsteps when I had my own family, teaching my daughters the valuable lessons he instilled in in me. I got my passion for the outdoors and trades from my dad. I remember when I was a child, we would always do fun things and go on trips. He loved tennis and taught me and my brother like we needed to be the next Andre Agassi. He always wanted us to do things together as a family. Like any parent, he always wanted us to be the best version of ourselves, maybe even greater than what he could have been, but regardless, I know he was still proud of us. He was an encourager, a leader, a good provider, and was a good father. A very smart, intelligent person, a clever one, If I may add.

Even after he was gone, when my brother and I were going through his legal papers that he had left us, so we will read each page carefully, he stapled money between documents, a clever encourager only a father like mine would do. He’s so organized and careful like an accountant should be. Leaving us behind with no worries, not even a single penny. That is my dad. A man of honor with a modest heart, who would always take care of things for his family.

His family was his legacy. I am very proud of everything he accomplished and what he taught us. Dad, we will miss you every day and will never forget you. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.


Rovenal Jose Navea Palomares

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“How truly grateful we are to have wonderful friends like you. Your love and support for our family has been very much appreciated during this time of loss. Thank you.” — The Palomares Family: Marietta Arzadon Palomares; Mark Rovenal Arzadon Palomares; Ben Dominic Arzadon Palomares; Kate Barrido Palomares; Maribel Myles Barrido Palomares; Adrianne Skye Barrido Palomares


Jesse Farrales, current president of Ateneans USA, hands a plaque of service appreciation in honor of longtime club treasurer, Ven Palomares, an alumnus of Ateneo de Zamboanga, at the memorial service. Mr. Farrales says, “The Ateneans USA is grateful to have Rovenal “The Gentle Giant” to be amongst us…he was an epitome and paragon of excellence in safeguarding and accurate reporting of the AUSA Funds; we are proud of him and we will always remember his good deeds…Vaya Con Dios, Amigo Ven.”

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