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Dear Editor:

The Philippines and her people had suffered for so long and still continue to suffer. We were under the tyrannical shackles of the Spaniards who subjugated us for 333 years and, after that, we were under the American stewardship for 48 years. Let us also be reminded that we were under the Japanese occupation for 3 years. And if we were to include the 9 years of martial law under the Marcos regime, we, Filipinos, have not really enjoyed a long and continuous freedom as a people, compared to people from other countries on the face of the earth.

With President Rodrigo Duterte’s hands full in his fight against drug traffickers who have wreaked incalculable societal havoc in the entire nation that has also led to extra judicial killing of innocent people, the law and order is yet to be restored. And, with the ongoing threat of the ISIS-inspired movement in Southern Mindanao, the fate the Filipino people is left hanging in the balance.

Thanks, Don Azarias


Hello! everyone,

PACCGC’s last Wednesday night July 19, 2017 event at Lincolnwood TownCenter with “LEN BATTERSON” was a huge SUCCESS!!! Good Attendance!!! Food from 90 Mile Cuban Cafe was authentic! Thank you everyone for your support as always! Thank you much to the Board of Directors of PACCGC! All of us did an excellent job! We are awesome group!!! I love you all !!! Veronica & Joe Mauricio, a BIG THANK YOU for covering and interview Len Batterson, CEO/ Founder Venture Capital!

With news today that President Donald Trump vowed to answer North Korea’s nuclear threats with “fire and fury” fanning fresh fears — according to The Guardian — that such “aggressive rhetoric could backfire on Trump, convincing Kim Jong-un that his regime is in imminent jeopardy and triggering what he sees as a pre-emptive attack,” I hoped to share Nation investigative editor Mark Hertsgaard’s July feature for The Nation, which argues we can’t afford to leave such vast and destructive power to an impulsive egomaniac:

“At present, US law and long-standing policy give president Trump unilateral, unstoppable authority to launch a nuclear attack,” explains Hertsgaard. “He need not present a compelling reason for such an attack; perhaps he simply decides that it’s time to teach North Korea a lesson. He need not notify, much less obtain agreement from, leaders in Congress or the secretary of defense or other military officials. Trump’s status as commander in chief empowers him and him alone to unleash nuclear weapons at a moment’s notice.”

MARK HERTSGAARD The Nation’s investigative editor-at large


In celebration of the first time the city has been this close to total solar eclipse in over 90 years, the Adler Planetarium invites Chicagoans and visitors to its giant block party, Chicago’s Eclipse Fest, on August 21. Guests will enjoy free admission to the Fest and the Planetarium that day. All attendees will also receive solar viewing glasses so that they are #EquippedtoEclipse to safely view this historic solar event. There will be several educational activities and presentations about what people will be witnessing in the sky. Throughout the day, they will also experience live entertainment, hands-on science for all ages, outdoor obstacle courses and activities, programming from partners across the city, local food trucks, and more!

Inside the museum, guests can check out exhibitions, including the newest, Chasing Eclipses, which prepares you to experience a solar eclipse. Guests will also be treated to a live-feed of the total solar eclipse from locations that are in the path of totality in the Adler’s immersive Grainger Sky and Definiti Space theaters. Regular sky shows will be available at a reduced price of only $5 with a special eclipse show available for $2.

The total solar eclipse will be visible in parts of the United States for the first time since 1979. In Chicago, at 11:54 am. CST, the Moon will start to block our view of the Sun, covering up to 87 percent of it by 1:19 pm. Jennifer Howell

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