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Senseless Shootings Around the Country


By: Joe Mauricio


Series of shootings are in the news lately. Is there any outrage left in the depleted well to draw on here? Or, do we just wait for the gun enthusiasts to shake their heads, offer thoughts and prayers, and mumble some platitudes about access to mental health as this political system continues to its stasis on the vital issue of gun violence and the threat to the lives of every American everyday?

All too often these attacks are perpetrated by assailants who are either directly motivated by racial hatred or informed by it. The gunman who killed three people in Gilroy, California had urged people to read a 19th century novel that is a cult favorite among White Supremacists.

Last year, an armed man in Kentucky who failed to gain access to a black church walked into a supermarket and shot two black customers dead while sparing a white one because, “whites don’t shoot whites”.

Dylan Roof murdered nine people in South Carolina church four years ago to foment a race war, and a black worshipper was spared to live so she could tell the story. And it goes….

The shooter may or may not turn out to be mentally ill. But unquestionably, racism, an ideology of white supremacy, and our gun culture are central to what’s happening around America.

Authorities are treating El Paso, Texas and Gilroy, California shootings as a case of domestic terrorism.

For now, researchers who were asked to explain why mass shootings happen tell us to keep one word in mind: humility. We know about violent behavior in general, but not about mass shootings. Violent white supremacists pose a major threat comparable to that presented by foreign terrorists and their U.S. sympathizers.

Domestic terrorism motivated by racial or religious hatred is a pressing problem.

The best way to demonstrate that the Federal government is serious about terrorism by white nationalists, Anti-Semites, and other bigots, is for the Justice Department and the FBI to make full use of the authority they already possess



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