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Talia di Napoli, the handmade pizza from Naples, Italy, is now available in Illinois

The sleeping pizza now ships statewide

New York, NY July 25, 2019 – After debuting in the U.S. this past March, Talia di Napoli, a revolutionary ‘sleeping’ pizza, is now available for delivery in Illinois, bringing traditional Neapolitan flavors directly into consumers’ homes.

For the first time, through the innovative system of cryogenics, IL residents can have true, authentic Neapolitan pizza – unaltered and made by hand with all-natural ingredients and no additives – delivered from Naples, Italy to their homes.

In 2014, founders Maurizio Ramirez and Guido Freda together set out to create a unique product that transmits their love for Italian culinary traditions and the art of pizza making. Imported by rising star entrepreneur Edouard Freda, Talia di Napoli merges the art of the Neapolitan ‘Pizzaiuolo,’ (Pizza Masters), which recently won UNESCO Heritage status, with the convenience of eating at home.

Each Talia pizza is artisanally handmade in Naples, Italy, by Master Pizzaiuoli using 100% natural ingredients sourced from small local producers in Campania, 00 flour, and mother yeast left to ferment for 24 hours. While still steaming from the wood-fired ovens, the pizzas are individually flash frozen in a process that, in just a few minutes, takes them from a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. This unique approach and production process allow Talia pizzas to be completely free of preservatives, additives and GMOs. Consumers can buy their favorite pizza online and keep it in their freezer so it’s available whenever desired – ready to be awakened in a home oven in just 10 minutes.

Talia di Napoli is available for delivery in 38 states in 5 specialty varieties, along with limited edition pizzas and a gluten-free Pizza Margherita. All pizzas can be ordered online at www.taliadinapoli.com for free delivery within 48 hours. Pizzas are individually priced starting at $11.99 and come in orders of five.

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