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Cheenee Miranda Miss Philippines PIWC 2019 and Charlize Ann Mranda Little Miss Philippines PIWC 2019


Miss Philippines PIWC 2019

Cheenee Miranda was born on March 20, 2002 to her lovinng parents Nanet and Ronaldo Miranda. She has a close bond with her siblings Neriza and Liam, along with the rest of her large family. She currently resides in Gilberts, Illinois and attends Hampshire High School as a high honors student.

Cheenee enjoys taking part in activities at school, as she finds them fun and rewarding. She is very active in arts department, as she belongs to Hampshire’s art club and choir, along with the school plays and musicals. Additionally, she is a member of Hampshire’s student council and yearbook vlub because it is a chance for her to voice her opinions and being involved in the decision-making processes the school goes through. She is a member of the National Honor Society as well.

In her free time, Cheenee loves to spend time with her friends. She finds joy in photography, music and film. Cheenee dreams of traveling the world one day due to her amusement with new experiences. However, school is her main focus right now because she is aspiring to go to college to pursue a career in the artistic field.


Cheenee Miranda, Miss Philippines PIWC 2019, with her parents Ronaldo and Nanet Danga Miranda, and escort Francis Nuguid.

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Little Miss Philippines PIWC 2019

Charlize, who is popularly known in the Filipino American community of Chicago as Cha Cha, is six years old, born on July 6, 2012 into two big families– the Miranda and the Jaurigue clans. She is the daughter of Annie and Richard Miranda, and the granddaughter of Ricardo and Antonia Cosio, as well as Neneth Miranda. She recently became a big sister to her baby brother, Christopher, whom she loves very much.

Charlize is currently attending Gary D. Wright Elementary School and will be in second grade this coming fall. She has a very vibrant and energetic personality who loves to dance hip hop, sing, as well as act in her school’s Stage Stars. She is very sociable and is never shy to meet new people. She is very blessed and excited to be the Miss Little Philippines PWC 2019.


Charlize (Cha Cha) Miranda, Little Miss Philippines PIWC 2019, with her parents Richard and Annie Miranda, Aunt Veronica, and escort cousin Liam Miranda.

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