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August is the End of Summer– Exciting Events & Activities


By: Veronica Leighton


August may begin to signal the end of summer, but it also marks the start of new school years and countdowns to fall and winter holidays. Plus, this month brings to our community some rushed ideas for events, celebrations, commemorations, and what-have- you thoughts or ideas from some active leaders of our community.

As Covid-19 pandemic has started to lighten up and lockdowns and mask-wearing have been lifted up (after 15 months of suffering a suffocating shut-in life), suddenly we are being hit by the onslaught of the so-called Delta variant which is described as a more vicious, malicious and a maleficent virus. The big question is, are we going back again to the dim prospects of quarantines, lockdowns and mask-wearing soon? After Delta, next is Lambda, Epsilon, etc., to Zeta (am just trying to remember some Greek words from my short sorority life in college), if these variants are coming in that order, so we have a long ways to go for fear and suffering. Good luck to all of us, the humanity, and all.

Meanwhile, our community is deliriously enjoying the liberty and freedom to once again socialize although still cautious and observant about their personal interactions

As you can glean from our August pages, our community is all- abuzzed and all-aglowed doing some fantastic activities, events, particularly picnics and other outdoor celebs during these summer months. In this very august issue of August, we would like to welcome with open arms two new columnists who are starting their maiden columns. Sarah (Lee) Turner, our new cooking columnist is not actually “new” in the Via Times and CPRTV staff family as she used to entertain her many fans with her cooking skills and professional presentations in VT and CPRTV. She took a respite from the publishing and broadcasting arenas and changed her course later on in engaging her talent toward the health fitness field. What an amazing, multi-talented person and you should also hear her sing! I am so thrilled that she’s back with us once again. Her new column is titled, Baking and Cooking with Sarah, on page 17.

The next new VT columnist is Faye Mendiola, who is restarting an old VT column titled, Then and Now, a popular column that features an individual’s pictures of yesteryears versus now or recent looks. By happenstance, Faye opened my eyes to restart the said past VT column when she proudly started talking about the VT clipping that she has been treasuring all these years that featured her in 1993 at one of the parties we attended. Thus, the rebirth of Then and Now column with her at the helm. Faye is a very active community leader and needs no further introduction. Just enjoy her Then and Now column and participate by submitting your precious photos to her. Turn to the exciting page 12.

Our beautiful August cover represents one of the earlier galas in our community that took the lockdown uplift just like taking the bulls by the horn. Pretty and sweet debutante Abigael (Abby) Turija took a bow to the society amidst the applause and delight of her invited friends and family. Please enjoy Debutante Abby’s inside story and pictorial on pages 8-9. Enjoy reading this most wonderful issue, have fun following up on many community events and activities, and reading up on your favorite VT columnists’ stories. Enjoy the remaining pleasant days of the beautiful summer season.##


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