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How To Survive The Holidays: Kid Edition


By: Christian L ChaCha M Xavier D


Before we know it, the kids are going to be on holiday break, holiday parties will be upon us, and the gift giving will be never ending. However, Ceta Walters, beloved mommy and fashion blogger local to Chicago, is here to save the day.

“Holidays are my favorite time of the year,” explains Ceta, “but having two kids off of school requiring full-time entertainment and activities makes it stressful.” For that reason, Ceta has come up with a list of her favorite kid-friendly guide to surviving the holidays.

Plan Activities

“My goal is to do one “activity” per day with my children. Whether it is decorating cookies, going to the zoo, or going sledding, doing one a day makes everyone happier.” Ceta’s favorite winter activities include:

• Baking and decorating holiday cookies

• Making snowflakes out of paper

• Visiting the Chicago Zoo

• Sledding in Lincoln Park

• Date nights with one child at our favorite local Chicago restaurant

• Walking around the Christkindlmarket Market

• Ice skating downtown

Loosen The Rules

During the school year, getting your kids in bed by 7pm might be your top priority. However, during the holidays, loosen the rules when needed. “If family is over, we are watching or the kids were well-behaved, I let them stay up later,” Ceta explains. “Not only is it a total perk for the kids, but it relaxes the mood and makes everyone happier.”

Ask For Help

The holidays are an extremely busy time for everyone. From holiday shopping to meal prepping to getting the holiday cards out, it is non-stop. Don’t feel bad asking for help from family or friends! “Whether you text Grandma, Grandpa or your neighbor, an extra pair of hands never hurts during the holidays!” Ceta says.

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