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The Power of Christmas


By: Joe Mauricio


There are as many traditions for Christmas as there are those who observe it, but a common thread is the time spent with loved ones, the sights and smells that evoke Christmas, and the warmth and hope that come from random acts of goodwill This holiday is a welcome break for a year ending with so much political-economic uncertainty, misery and terrorism abroad, health problems, plus our own bouts with old age coupled with seasonal outbreaks of all kinds of illnesses.

It is a reminder, too, of the enduring power of Christmas in bringing out the best in the human spirit.

The wars and an uneven economic recovery have taken a toll on all of us, and the divisive election has numbed many this season to the everyday joy that Christmas brings. There is an ache in our nation’s conversation that hasn’t gone away, and millions are unprepared to make the day merry. But Christmas is a moment to reset the clock, if temporarily.

It is time to appreciate the richness of life and those who are here and also have gone who contributed to it. The new year and its challlenges will come soon enough.

Somewhere, there is a child in need of clothing, senior who needs a helping hand, and a loved one who wants the simple gift of time. The familiar backdrops all need tending, too, from the trees, cakes and goodies, to the piles of wrapping paper littering the floor. This is a time for re-acquainting with friends and families, faith, and treasured traditions.

Christmas will be gone before you know it, and there is no pleasure today like adding to the memories. If anything, this Christmas comes at a perfect moment for self-reflection, as the nation faces a new chapter in history and as the world looks to America as much as ever to help restore moral order.

That says a lot about the standing Americans have in the world, our common identity, and the character we bring to global affairs.

That bond is easier to see in the holiday glow on the streets. It’s a great launching point to be reminded that the human spirit is an expansive thing, that others are fuller, and more giving than they might appear.

Today is a moment to take a break, to revel in the company at home and to rekindle the feeling of those earlier years with the sight of a child under a tree.

But there is a comfort and a rhythm to this holiday that defines this time of the year. The best of us is brought out in the spirit of giving, in the hopes we see, and in the goodwill we show our fellow men.

This is an enduring holiday because of joy and optimism it brings in something to hold, share, and help pass down in the next generation.

Maligayang Pasko sa lahat!

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