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Unique Pan Helps Anyone Cook Like a Professional Chef

The Radical Pan features a sloping high lip for easy flipping and a safe non-stick finish Chefs on television make it look so easy to grab a pan and flip the foods inside. It is a skill, like rapid chopping with a knife, that usually cannot be learned without investing in a culinary degree. Sure, some people try it at home when they are feeling confident making pancakes on the weekend or whipping up a stir-fry on a weeknight, but usually this move just results in a mess all over the stovetop and the floor. The problem is not the cook, but the pan. A new line of non-stick, patented high-rise lip pans, the Radical Pans, make it easy for any chef of any skill level to flip foods with a thick of the wrist.

Flipping foods instead of stirring is more efficient, helps achieve an even cook and makes anyone look like a master chef in front of friends and family. Chef Oren Zroya, a private chef for celebrities like Owen Wilson and Brooke Burke, invented the Radical Pan designing it with a patented 3.5-inch high-rise lip on the far side of the pan opposite the handle that makes it easy for even the most inexperienced chef to use the pan to flip pancakes, stirfry, omelets and more. The hard-anodized pan has a chemical-free non-stick surface tested and certified safe by the FDA, SGS and NSF. It is PFOA-free, contains no PTFE, lead or cadium. The Eclipse® non-stick surface reduces the need to add fats and oils to recipes to keep foods from sticking to the pan.

The Radical Pan is available in an 8.5-inch ($89.99), 10-inch ($99.99) and 12-inch ($109.99). The pan comes with a lifetime warranty and can be purchased at


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