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February Celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year & Valentine’s Day (CFAA Hall of Famers are the STARS!)


By: Veronica Leighton


Salutations of Gong Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year in Cantonese Chinese) and Happy Valentine’s Day (I Love You’s for Lovers) to all!

February, being the shortest month in the Gregorian calendar, promotes and provokes all kinds of activities in the social scenes. We are in the midst of winter but there’s no letting up, as life goes on.

Happy to add that February 2020 is a Leap Year, having 29 days instead of 28 days, which happens every four years (which makes many seriously think as to how people born on Feb 29th celebrate their birthdays– really, how– would be interesting to know.) This is also the year that women can propose or run after a man that she desires, an Irish custom. Would be fun or scary for some men, depending on the LOVE situation. Anyhow, February is also officially observed as the American Heart Month, so be watchful of that precious heart of yours!

As I have mentioned in the Publisher’s Page, we are proud to introduce VT/CPRTV’s new addition to our media family, our new photographer/ videographer, Jason dela Rosa. Let’s take a brief glimpse into Jason’s mini-bio…

Jason DelaRosa is a member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine American Cultural Foundation (PACF)of the “Piyesta Pinoy” fame event. His presence in the social media scenes is quite impressive. His photos/videos have 3 million views that helped business owners and consumers in Google Maps alone and not to include his Facebook pages, Youtube channel and Instagram account. He started Black Adobo Production for his video/photography service.

A US Marine veteran and a volunteer member/photographer for the Chicago Veterans, he is community-conscious and is recognized by the Philippine Consulate General of Chicago for his tireless effort on volunteerism and leadership. Now being a News Photographer/Videographer for Via Times/CPRTV,we are greatly happy to introduce his friendly face and professional work to our community. Let’s welcome Jason dela Rosa!






Here’s Jason’s submission for his initial assignment in the Chicago Auto Show coverage, with his photoshoots and reportage….

“Nearly 1,000 selected cars, trucks, and SUVs and crowds of car enthusiasts went to McCormick Place for the 112th annual Chicago Auto Show, Feb. 8 to 17, 2020. This is the Nation’s Biggest Car Show in North America and if you live close to Chicago, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to come and check out the new hot cars and trending vehicles that car companies will be producing for customers. They will only be open until Feb 17th so don’t wait.

If you have never seen Lotus, Lambo, Bently or hot rods up close (like myself) well, now you have a chance to see it in person. If you are more eco-friendly and into electric or hybrid, they have it too. And, if you want someone old and classic, you will find that here also. If you ever go, let me give you a hint to find the only vehicle, muscle car, that carries heavy power that can sustain damages, and it is a military vehicle, that you will be amazed at how huge and super this vehicle is. As a military veteran, I highly recommend for anyone of you guys to say hello and thank them for the service they provide for our country.

Going back to the cars, the thing that excites me the most is the TECHNOLOGY, as the “car is becoming a lot more like your phone and updates can be made wirelessly.” We are really moving forward to the future. The Concept car that really caught my interest is the Toyota LQ, it is fully electric and it is expected to deliver a 186-mile driving range, a futuristic concept car that uses artificial intelligence to predict where its passengers want to go, play a certain genre of music or adjust the cabin’s climate, also deliver real-time information on sports or news depending on what it knows about the passenger and its interests. I want to hear “24 Oras news” or “Raffy Tulfo in Action” on the radio while I drive.

The Chicago Auto Show wants us to use their official hashtag #cas2020 and if you are a Filipino (or at heart), I believe we should also have one ” #PinoyCAS2020″. So every post you have on social media, you can include our pinoy hashtag to your post and everyone can be able to follow and check out every Pinoy photos and post about the car show. Then next year we can use it again #PinoyCAS2021.

This is #BlackAdobo- Production and i hope you enjoy this article. Comment below for questions or concerns!” Thank you, Jason! What an amazing fotog/writer, a nice combo.

Here’s the latest news about the CAS2020, in its media preview wrap-up report and thank you. “With the Media Preview complete and the Public Show underway, we’ve had time to compile HD b-roll, news conference videos, hi-resolution photographs and show and manufacturer press releases from the last week. Think of our news capsule page as your one-stopshop for media essentials from the 2020 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview.

Press Conference Capsules (summaries, video, hi-res pictures and press releases)

B-Roll from the Press Conferences (rights free, attribution – Chicago Auto Show)

B-Roll from the Public Show (rights free, attribution – Chicago Auto Show)

Chicago Auto Show Webcams

Chicago Auto Show Public Show Event Schedule

Please don’t forget to get social with us using our hashtag, #CAS2020 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I thank you for your coverage of the Chicago Auto Show and welcome you to return to the nation’s largest auto show on a public day, now through Monday, Feb. 17.”

vibes1 vibes2 vibes3 vibes4 vibes5 vibes6 vibes7

VT/CPRTV’s Joe Mauricio & Jason dela Rosa having fun in their coverage of Chicago Auto Show 2020 (#CAS2020),
enjoying the latest trends in modern cars produced by different car manufacturers from all over the world.

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