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A letter to Cook County voters from Justice Jesse G. Reyes


My name is Jesse Reyes and I am running to be an Illinois Supreme Court Justice. I am the son of immigrants and the product of a blue-collar family. I know the struggles that many people in Illinois endure on a daily basis. I know what it means to have dreams and not know if you will ever be able to fulfill them because of your circumstances.

As a child born and raised in Chicago, I was fortunate to overcome these circumstances and fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer and then having the privilege of being elected by you to become a judge.

On and off the bench, I have made it my life’s mission to provide better access to justice by educating those who are marginalized and those who are economically disadvantaged, of their rights so when they step into court they know they have a right to be treated like everyone else.

One day I was working in a factory to support my family, today I am an Appellate Court Judge about to embark on a journey that, with your vote, will take me to the highest court in the Land of Lincoln.

I’ve chosen this journey because I know the people of Illinois deserve to have a member of the Illinois Supreme Court who comes from humble beginnings, someone who understands the struggles that hard-working Illinoisans go through every day. Our court system is our last line of defense.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the Land of Lincoln. This court is comprised of seven justices. It is rare for a vacancy to occur on this court and rare for the people of Illinois to have an opportunity to choose one of the seven. In this court, decisions are made that impact our way of life, in more ways than we know.

We need to make our court system more accessible to everyone – and that is exactly what I will continue to do as an Illinois Supreme Court Justice.

I have been found “Highly Qualified” to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court by the Illinois State Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, and the Asian American Bar Association.

Send me to the Illinois Supreme Court and send a message loud and clear that our courts belong to the people. Visit www.JusticeReyes for more information about our campaign to bring justice for all.

Justice Jesse G. Reyes
Candidate for Illinois Supreme Court Justice

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