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A Year of Reflection via Pics on My Birthday February 2019 to 2020


By: Maria Girlie Pascual


When it was announced at our breakfast meeting this month that I was one of the top 3 brokers at our office, Realty Executives Advance in Schaumburg, I thought it was a joke. I received a plaque and rounds of “Congratulations “ and it dawned on me that I was too busy with life’s extreme challenges last year that awards and accolades did not factor into my work because my focus was on family.

In fact, 2019 was a blur. I was flying back and forth every 2 months to California to help with a medical family situation, that I had to maximize every waking moment whenever I touched terra firma. I only prayed for two things when the plane made its ascent every time –that the Lord will grant me good health to be able to keep on traveling, and for a safe flight to my destination. I felt like Florence Nightingale on call, but it is what mothers do for their family.

Life is indeed full of surprises, good and bad, but only God knows why that is. The truth is revealed eventually but in the meantime, we make do with the hand that is dealt us. We can choose to fold up, or gather our strength, roll up our sleeves, and do what must be done to tackle the challenges thrown in our paths. With the help of family and friends, and sometimes the kindness of strangers, through God’s Grace and prayers, we learn to deal with our situations.

I for one, learned that when I feel overwhelmed and in despair, a quick phone call to a good friend to vent, to catch up, sometimes to ask for advice or an opinion is quite helpful. Best of all, to laugh at the oddest discussions with my gal pals have been quite therapeutic for me and has helped with my sanity.

Life is short, and when we least expect it, problems threaten to derail us, and suddenly, our very existence seems fraught with insurmountable situations. Prayers and hope, these have become part and parcel in tackling my battles. If there is one thing I learned, prayers are powerful pleas that help us manage pain and bewilderment, hopelessness and despair, because with God’s help, anything is possible … even making it to third place at a time when the first priority was family.

Please enjoy my 2019 pictures all the way to my birthday this year. To God be the glory !


I turned 60 and celebrated w an amazing group of women (L-R standing) Tessie Lising, Feb celebrant and 2020 ACCHAI President Mabel Sacay, 2019 ACCHAI President Elizabeth Regacho, Rose Cordero (L-R seared) Alma Viudez, moi, Sue Buniao and Gemma Maroon.

gmail2 gmail3

Busy first quarter Jan to March 2019 in Real Estate

gmail4 gmail5

With the right renovations and price, my listings have sold in the first 5 days!


January 2019 celebrated Kenzo’s continued healthy growth and the joy he gave our family with mommy Svienna and Daddy Kristoffer.


January 2019 was the start of a successful year in real estate – thanks to clients like Maribeth and Ima Vitug.


Kicked off my real estate 2019 season by counseling buyers and sellers.


Although golf for 2019 was quite limited, I managed a few games with the AAGI ladies.


Going on assignment for Viatimes was also helpful and fun w Christy Leighton and Lou Cabalona.


Steadfast friends : my BFF’s Dan Gawat and Thom Bierbrodt in Hawthorne Woods


Fulfilling an item on my bucket list: the mysterious Stonehenge in Wiltshire UK


The Labor Day Interstate Golf Tournament is an annual AAGI golf event that I enjoy yearly.


My Chicago BFF’s at Dan and Thom’s home


Our Euroladies trip to London, Paris and Scotland in November was an unforgettable experience w (L-R) Norgene Dela Erfe, Mita Guiang, Alicia Lisowski, Rose Cordero, organizer Elizabeth Regacho, Darlene Benito, Mabel Sacay and yours truly.


My grandson Kenzo’s first birthday and christening in Chicago was the highlight of my 2019 with dad Kristoffer and mom Svienna.


My Los Angeles angels cousin Reyda Roxas and my BFF Sonny Madera has helped my family so much – thank you!


The BMW Championship in Medinah last summer was a great bonding event with my gal pals (L-R) Rose Cordero, Salvy Marino, Elizabeth Regacho w hubby Elbert and Mabel Sacay with hubby Joe.


My July Manila trip to emcee my classmate Ana Tuanio’s 60th bday was a great respite in 2019.


Grateful for my hosted July 2019 trip to Manila and seeing my Holy Spirit barkada or friends – thank you Doc Rolly and Ana Tuanio, BFF’s Jovie Galan, Jingay Kaimo and Lilet Lavinia


My best friend and classmate Jingay Kaimo is my true North in Manila

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