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Live Out Loud Charity Staged Fashion Show Fundraisers

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By: Jovie Calma


Chicago may have been blasted with arctic cold during this winter, but the generosity and kind hearts of those who were involved in the Live Out Loud Charity’s Annual Fashion Fundraisers brought the summer feel weather in the Windy City. Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) is a non- profit organization focused on suicide awareness and prevention through core character development.

Since its inception, Sherrie Gearheart, 2014 United Nations World Ambassador, Founder and Executive Director of Live Out Loud Charity, opened her heart and devoted her time to combat suicide through Prevention Awareness Seminars and Fashion Fundraiser Shows. Wassup?!

Jovie Calma LIVE had a one-on-one interview with Ms. Gearheart, where she shared how she started this organization.

Sherrie shared that she established Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) one year after losing her childhood friend through suicide. He was only 19 years old. Since then, LOLC has orchestrated various events throughout the year that are focused on saving lives through core character development and suicide intervention training. Several programs are also incorporated including but not limited to Kids Day Event, Model Boot Camp, School Tours, Media Tours, Fashion Shows, Seminars, and many more. Anti-Bullying techniques, Self-Esteem Boosting, Personal Self-Growth and Development were also included in the topics of discussion in their Boot Camps and Seminars.

To this date, LOLC has reached over 80 million individuals worldwide through various partnerships and outreach programs within the organization. In addition, Sherrie is the editor-in-chief of Tiara Magazine a pageantry and fashion publication read in over 140 countries online and in print. Tiara Magazine partnered with Live Out Loud Charity to bring greater awareness to the cause.

Each year, Tiara Magazine & LOLC orchestrate an annual fashion show fundraiser that promotes self-esteem, teaches individuals how to prevent suicide, and brings several cultures together. Sherrie is proud to have all sizes, heights, ages, and ethnicities in her fashion shows. As a QPR Certified Gatekeeper, Ms. Gearheart provides seminars to adults of all ages, teaching them the signs of suicide, and how to intervene to stop this preventable cause of death. As a TruthMedia Worldwide mentor, she counsels teens/youth all over the world. As founder of the Live Out Loud Charity Leadership Academy, she mentors future leaders of all ages.

Sherrie graced the cover of Allezom International Magazine, which showcased her success with Live Out Loud Charity. Ms. Gearheart is official ASIST First Aid Certified Suicide Intervention para-professional and a PAL caregiver. Sherrie has completed media tours with Live Out Loud Charity, which gained recognition in China, Philippines, and Germany, with a primary focus in the USA. Sherrie is the reigning Miss United Nations Ambassador, a title that allows her new opportunities to share the LOLC message of saving lives and giving hope. As a monthly-featured columnist in Action Magazine, Ms. Gearheart writes articles on self-esteem, combating depression, and suicide intervention.

Last year, LOLC staged two of the biggest fashion events in Chicagoland, attended by movers and shakers in the industry to mark the 5th Annual Suicide Prevention Fashion Show Fundraiser. The first show was held on October 11, 2014 at the Schaumburg Hotel and Conference Center. There were 200 beautiful models and 50 Beauty Queens who were right fitting for the title, “Beauties for Humanity” for their patience and dedication when they volunteered their time for the event. The 17 incredible designers in the likes of Ahmad Couture by Sha Ali Ahmad (International Designer), Aimee Hazel Cua (Couture Designer), PRIN by Prina Bagia, Gsb Men’s Couture, J-na Haute Couture and fashion accessories, GIDI Online by Taneasha Prunty, Mixxi G. Accessories by Michelle Schaps, Itza Fashion Brand by Maritza Ayala Walker, Embodied By Monet by Erika Monet, House Of Collette, an International Fashion House by Collette Nakamyuka, Exquisite Taste of ART by Teresa Fe-Fe Barrow, Akese StyleLines by Jennifer Akese Koranteng, Danaya Designs 4U by Danaya Azure, Closet 8690 by Nita Bagia, Chelem Profile Shades, Vilma Knitting Creations and Tiara Models Kids T-Shirt Collection by Tiara Magazine, showcased their amazing collections in the runway to benefit LOLC.

The day kicked off with a fashion photo shoot with talented photographers in Chicago and the Midwest capturing beautiful moments away. The make-up artists and hair stylists did their phenomenal job!

In 2013, I was invited to showcase Embodied By Monet collections as a Celebrity Model. Last year, I was thrilled to be dolled by the incredible Itza Fashion Brand and was stoked to rock one of the amazing collections of Aimee Hazel Cua at the 20th Annual Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame. It was a sold-out and SRO event with 750 guests in the audience.

The 2nd Chicago Fashion Show was tagged as one of the biggest holiday fashion events of the year. It was held on December 17, 2014 at Castle Chicago. It was a smashing success! There were 11 top fashion designers, featured in New York Fashion Week and editorial spreads in the likes of Leandro Mullet, Akese Stylelines, House of Collette, Mixxi G. Accessories, Cesair, Benjamin Cottrell Designs who launched his jewelry collections, Audra Elizabeth, Debbie Permoda, Knotty Loop Creations, Atzimba AJ, Danaya Designs4U and Monsieur Pamplemousse who dolled the 150 beautiful models.

The multi-talented opera singer, Yesoe Yoon shared her gift of song. The crowning ceremony of Miss Worldwide Ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity Pageant was staged, too. I’m grateful and honored to be invited as a Celebrity Performer in line with my recent appointment as the new Spokesperson for Live Out Loud Charity joining the phenomenal team who are advocates for antibullying campaign and suicide prevention. Suicide has touched my life and has forever stolen a piece of my heart and soul. I know the pain and what a big hole it leaves.

To the founder of LOLC, Miss Sherrie Gearheart, I commend you and thank you for giving me this opportunity and the voice to contribute on such an amazing cause. Congratulations and Hats Off to all who have contributed to the success of Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Fundraiser Shows special mention to Miss Sherrie Gearheart and Mr. Derek Tokarzewski, LOLC’s Creative Director.

Stay tuned for their upcoming fashion event in March. If you want to make a difference, look within and join the movement, www.LiveOutLoudCharity.org.

Before I end my article this month, allow me to express my best wishes to all our readers and supporters, a great cheer for 2015! Life is a one-way street no matter how many detours you take. None of them leads back so enjoy life’s every moment, as none of them will happen the same way again.

Have a Prosperous and Blissful New Year! My special birthday wishes to Jon Algas (Jan. 1), Juliet Concon (Jan. 4), Florina Vocal (Jan. 7), Joanne Tinimbang (Jan. 7), Kuya Nick Alzol (Jan. 10), Nicole Alvarez (Jan. 15), Vence Abuyen (Jan. 20), Tita Beth Calma (Jan. 22), Epy Quizon (Jan. 23), Don Kramer (Jan. 24), and to my siblings- DJ Hot Rod Calma (Jan. 15) and Jennifer Zamora (Jan. 31). I love you both and wish you more loads of good health, happiness and success. Until the next issue of Wassup?! Jovie Calma LIVE!##


Sneak peek from a photo shoot for the cover of TIARA Magazine being published in 2015. Jovie Calma is appointed as the new Spokesperson for Live Out Loud Charity joining the phenomenal team who are advocates for antibullying campaign and suicide prevention. Photo credits: Derek Tokarzewski, Designer: Leandro Mullet, Necklace by Mixxi G. Accessories, Earrings by Danaya Azure 4U, Hair by Ambrocio Duran and Makeup by Abraham Garcia.


VT/CPRTV’s Jovie Calma had a one-on-one interview with Miss Sherrie Gearheart, 2014 United Nations World Ambassador, Founder and Executive Director of Live Out Loud Charity after her humanitarian trip from the Philippines.


The Celebrity Guest Performers at LOLC’s 2nd Chicago Fashion Show, Opera Singer Yesoe Yoon and VT/CPRTV’s Jovie Calma. Photo credits to Photography by ATOC; Thanks to AKIRA Chicago for Jovie’s gown, Makeup by Abraham Garcia, Hair by Ambrocio Duran and Fashion Accessories by Mixxi G. Accessories.


Have an amazing and blissful 2015! A new day and New Year has come! Bring opportunities to shine!!! Cheers! Major love from #TeamDJWhite. Photo credits Carnival Cruise- Dream/ Western Caribbean.



Jovie exchanged fashion tips with her LOLC Fashion Show designer, Maritza Ayala Walker of ITZA Fashion Brand. Photo credits to JC Patron Photography.

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