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Performing live together with the “Grand Champion and Performer of the World” Jed Madela on February 11, 2017, are Chicago’s Diamond Divas. Each one has her own unique musical style, each one so talented and ready to shine bright like a diamond, all three young divas under Direk Gerry Rebello’s leadership and guidance. SYCHAR YEBRA: She is an artist who’s going to be around for awhile. She already captivated Chicago audience with her soulful singing style and charismatic attitude she showed on stage (during Ric Manrique/Miriam Pantig and 1st Jed Madela shows).

AUDREY ESQUIVEL: Audrey has it all — brains (consistent honor student) and talent. Her proud parents, Reynold Miclat Esquivel and Cynthia) are just simply beaming with pride at Audre’s amazing accomplishments. Her debut performance in the biggest Chicago February 2017 concert of Jed Madela’s will showcase her vocal skills. This young great singer hopes to someday be a Pediatrician.

MYAN VILLANUEVA: Myan, at 19, enjoys taking care of people, and no doubt will be a great care provider. Meantime, she can’t say no to her love for singing and performing. She is sharing her alluring and sophisticated voice to the much-anticipated Jed Madela’s February 2017 Chicago concert. This soon-tobe nurse loves a good adventure.

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