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New Year’s Resolution on Loyalty


By: Veronica Leighton


New Year’s Resolutions have been made and broken over and over, every year, mainly focusing on some changes on personal habits like about eating and exercising to lose weight, pursuit of success in work habits, and most importantly, outlook in relationships, friends, spouses, familial, etc.

I thought of utilizing this small space on being thankful and talking about the virtue of LOYALTY. Looking back, I have a lot of things to be thankful for to God Almighty, for the support He has given me in running the media business of publishing, broadcasting and social media for more than thirty years; thanks likewise to the many loyal staff members in both Via Times and CPRTV media platforms, for their warmhearted support, true dedication and share of their God-given talents.

Having been a loyal person as my outstanding human trait, I always seek for and appreciate the loyalty rewards I get back from people around me–friends, business associates, even acquaintances. Surely, I give it equally back. It might not hold water most of the time as attributed to a couple of incidents that happened last year, but ridding yourself of people who drain you, use you, even betray you helps in the solution. Toxicity in the team is difficult to handle sometimes but problems could be solved easier by tackling it head-on. It’s new year, new life, and life is short and hectic, and life goes on.

After all is said and done and it is new year, I would like to recognize the following multi-talented VT/CPRTV staffers for their dedication, hardwork, love and loyalty for the duo media multi-tasking jobs (VT columnists and CPRTV hosts) that they do to serve the community and in pursuit of perfection. Thank you so much to our very precious team comprised of Maria Girlie Pascual (Anchorperson), Melody Dizon (Health Matters Host) and Louella Cabalona (Newscaster).

Congratulations to Nick Vera Perez (CPRTV host of Dancetime With Nick) for winning the prizes of a trip to the Philippines and VT cover November issue, awarded by the Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame awards committee 2018. Have fun in the Philippines in May, NVP!

Enjoy likewise our January cover featuring the very popular entertainer of our community, Ms. Chaz Patron, She was the featured star in a concert hit “70’s Musical Show”. Read her message, thanking the people who made her concert a complete success.

Enjoy reading,as usual, your favorite columnists’ original articles in this January issue, from cover to cover. Happy new year to all!


L-R: Maria Girlie Pascual, Veronica Leighton and Melody Dizon


Louella Cabalona


NVP receives from Veronica the prize check for a trip to the Philippines after his CPRTV interview recently.

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