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Philippines is No. 1 Real-Estate Investment Destination


By: Dominick Geraci


First of all, let me begin my column by wishing everyone a healthy and wealthy New Year!

How time marches on! 2019 already! I hope all your finances are in order, file your taxes right away and get your tax refund check if you have it coming to you.

If you have to pay taxes, it simply means you had a good year and made money and you invested wisely, so that your money can work for you for a change.

What a great idea having your money work for you! That’s where we come in as investment advisers. We have plenty of safe investment tools for you. These investments are naturally, real-estate related.

Did you know that the Philippines is the number one real-estate investment destination in southeast Asia? Investments are pouring in from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, etc. To participate in this market, if you are a Philippine national, all you need is 10% down and the appreciation on investment is phenomenal. We are not talking about longterm investment. These are three-to five-year investments, that produce great, great, great returns.

When was the last time you checked what banks pay you interest on your deposits?

Now, is a great time to find out, because legally, they have to give you a year-end statement, so you can file your 2018 tax returns. I’m sure the interest you made are not every exiting, as a matter of fact, you lost money because your money does not have the same purchasing power it had last year.

In the Philippines, in select real-estate investments, in three to five years, you can realize 100- 150% on your investment. I never thought you could make a believer out of me, until I started making trips to the Philippines and started networking and forming partnerships with very reputable real estate developers, like Century Properties, with over thirty years of experience in this sector that it began to be clear to me that this is for real.

My advice to all of you that have a little money to invest, invest in the Philippines’ hot real estate sector!! Just plant a seed and watch it grow!

The Philippine economy is finally expanding, people are working, they are educated, they speak English, the infrastructure needs everything, roads, housing, transportation, bridges, tourism, with the island of Palawan finally announcing the long-awaited plans to be the Eco-Tourism destination.

Yes, I’m bullish on the Philippines! I hope you are too! To reach out to me for investment advice, please call me at (847) 489-8999 or email me at dgeraci@ vistagrouprealestate.com

As always, arrivederci, until next month for another edition of The Real Deal in Real Estate.


Dominick in Lobby of Milano Condominium Century City


Dominick Gerace and partner Ron Vergara on their way to Palawan in a private plane for Vista property sightseeing tour.


Philippine sales team in meeting with Dominick Geraci of Vista Group Realty.

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