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Resolutions, Goals or Guidelines?

We cannot talk about the new year without touching on “resolutions” or “goals”, depending on which nomenclature an individual follows. As the word “new” is a powerful word, it is more associated with excitement, happiness, beauty, luxury, anything in this world that equates to everything positive–the dawning of a new life, new beginning, and new world.

That’s why on each new year people make new resolutions. So that they can become productive and interested in achieving their personal, business, and relationship goals.

But many are not aware of the “resolutions” and science behind it. But they are following it for many years and get benefits somehow, whether in small or large scale, as the days of the year move along. Those who are not able to achieve success in the last year make new resolutions for the new year.

According to a study of 1,500 Americans, the top three resolutions for 2022 (this includes past years before), were exercising more, losing weight and saving more money. Making resolutions on December 31 is a common, well-liked tradition, especially in the Western world.

How many resolutions can a person make a year? It depends upon an individual, one or two, twenty or 50 resolutions. Any number is okay, as long as you can follow through and it won’t give you stress in life. Even one resolution for a whole year is enough. One good habit or new resolution automatically attracts many other positive habits and ideas in your daily life, career and business.

Resolution is important to make each new year so at least you can evaluate yourself, your career, and your business. But many goal-oriented people don’t wait for a new year to take a new resolution. If something is good, they take it and follow it, whether at the end of the old year, during mid-year, or the beginning of the new year. And that’s great. It’s something great to do to follow our life’s guidelines that can lead to life’s success. (Guest Editorialist)


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