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Dina Quiba’s 70th Birthday Celebration


The birthday celebrant posing with husband Pabs.


With husband, Pabs Quiba.


The Quiba Family, Dennis, son; Dianne, daughter, Pabs, husband and Amillia, granddaughter


The MUZIK Band singers, Grace Pamelar Usman, Bong Usman and Olivia Tigresse


With the Modern Dancers friends, R-L; Sally del Carmen, Jo Gepolio, Janet Reyes and Cely Orpilla


With husband Pabs Quiba, immediate Past President of the Chicago Filipino American Lions Club and Rico Hampton as “Michael Jackson”.


The dancing friends; R-L; Precy Jaravata, Vicky Fertig, Amy Mayuga, Sally Del Carmen, Yoly Zoleta, Emma Azcarraga, Jo Gepolio, Evelyn Tolledo, Anita Rosa and Cely Orpilla.


With friends who said, all about Dina; R-L; Teri Nilo and Tess Cando as good friends and former Co Nursing Professors; Jenny Castro as batchmate in coming to USA; Cathy Mylander as a Hospital Nursing Supervisor; Aida Leomo as a former Nursing classmate; Sherdela Tamayo as a former Nursing Student and Jun Esteban as a former Hospital co- worker.


With the Via Times Executive, Madame Veronica Leighton.


With some of the icons in the Filipino Community, from R to L; Elizabeth Legaspi, Evelyn, Tolledo, Veronica Leighton, Evelina Guffey, Yoly Zoleta, Violy Montoya, Brenda Stevens, Mercy Matousek, Dr. Remy Escalona and Faye Mendiola.


The participants of the Towel Dance, a special number directed by Emma Azcarraga, good friend and a fellow Lion Member.

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