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What Makes America Great Again?


By: Joe Mauricio



In the presidency of President Trump, even the Fourth of July has become controversial. Controversies arise because of two reasons, because of Trump’s extraordinary way of doing things and because of the overblown reactions of the news media and other members of the opposition.

We share some of the standard criticisms of Trump’s show or display for the patriotic celebration. All it’s about is location and centralization. If critics are more concerned about the prospect of tanks rolling down the Constitution Avenue, we understand that this is not a good idea. We editorialized in the past that governments who do this display of military might typically are compensatory for sense of insecurity.

But such a parade is hardly unprecedented. Remember John F. Kennedy had a military parade through Washington, D.C, with missiles and armored cars as part of his inaugural program? JFK did it for a show of strength during the Cold War. Trump could make a similar argument, but we don’t agree. The U.S. could destroy any enemy in short order, and the rest of the world knows it.

Once again, Trump does something unneeded but unprecedented, and the opposing partisans falsely call it unnecessary or unheard of. Then, there’s the problem of Trump mixing campaign fundraising and government.

We also mildly lament the imposition of the Washingtonians. Trump’s decisions have added headaches and hassles to the Independence Day in the capitol. Security was tighter around malls. Tanks clogged the streets and had made the pot holes worst. Although children and adults alike liked the idea of taking selfies with military hardware and military officers in uniform.

But our objection is none of these things. It is rather that the President should not try to make himself or the Washington, D.D. capitol the center of national attention on Independence Day. The Fourth of July is a patriotic holiday, and most often manifests itself locally in many places, even in Chicago.

What makes American great again? People often cite a greater sense of national unity and pride. Americans salute America and its founding, not through focusing attention at Washington, D.C.

Trump’s Fourth of July show of fireworks and dinner party on Constitution Avenue seemed ok, but we just hope he doesn’t expect Americans to tune in to his show rather than staring at the sky.

And, there are plenty of fireworks around all the neighborhoods of America, including ours, to stare at the sky during the July 4th Independence Day celebration!##

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