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Welcome to Pampanga


By: Dominick Geraci


“Welcome to Pampanga, sir, you have to try Tocino here before you go back to Manila.” A middle-aged woman at small shop tells me. There are so many things to experience in Pampanga. It’s an hour-and-half drive from Manila and defi nitely worth it. I fell in love with this area quickly. Not just the people but the smells, the colors, the vibrancy of the surroundings. I can see why this is one of the fastest growing areas in the Philippines. There are so many developments happening. The Big Commercial operators are putting up Mega Shopping Centers. Casinos are being built in the area. A new international airport has just been built.

The WOW factor hit me so many times while visiting this area. If you have not come home to the Philippines recently, the Pampanga Area is definitely a must-destination.

Pampanga is situated near Angeles City and Clark airbase. I was in this area to visit Azure North, a sprawling Condominium development.>

Azure is located in San Fernando. The cities and municipalities of Angeles, Mabalacat, San Fernando, and Mexico fall under this cluster and Triangular in shape and bounded by the new access and transportation developments. The Pampanga Golden Triangle is envisioned to be the highest growth potential and investment areas in Pampanga. This includes Lubao, Guagua, Floridablanca, Porac, Bacolor, Santa Rita, San Fernando, Angeles, Clark and Mabalacat.

Here’s a quote from Manila Times

“The potential rise of the Pampanga Megalopolis is limitless. It also has the opportunity to become one of the most livable, sustainable, and resilient places to live in the Philippines. Being the front door and gateway to Asia makes Pampanga possibly the next biggest financial and economic center in the country.”

As a Real Estate investor I look for certain criteria before making a recommendation to buy. The first thing, of course, is the location. Location, location, location is what every investor says before making a purchase. Is the location easily accessible? Is there visible growth in the area? How is the infrastructure? Are there commercial developments in the area. And speaking of commercial developments, when commercial investors invest in an area it is because they feel there will be a need and always signals potential growth.

I’m really excited about the opportunities in the Pampanga are. The Azure North Development by Century Properties can potentially be an incredible investment opportunity for those looking to invest in San Fernando, Pampanga. I certainly will be looking into the opportunity.

The opportunities for investors to earn a solid return in Real Estate is very impressive. In my 40-plus years in investing in Real Estate, it is rare to find opportunities that have all the positive criteria needed. The Philippines boasts these criteria.

As for investing in Chicago, I also see opportunities that I would love to share with everyone. I invite you to visit me at our Vista Group Sales Center, next to Seafood City on Elston Ave.

To reach out to me for investment advice, please call me at (847) 489-8999 or email me at dgeraci@vistagrouprealestate.com.

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