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MagnaReady magnetic adaptive clothing

Fall is one of the harder seasons to dress for because the weather is both hot and cold, where it’s frequently super cold in the early morning, so you wear a sweatshirt and then by lunch you’re suffering from heat exhaustion because the weather spikes up 20 degrees. This is exhausting for anyone but can be a bigger struggle for those with disabilities or mobility issues if they can’t take their sweatshirt off by themselves throughout the day to cool off . Wardrobes need to be packed and ready full of styles that accommodate these situations this fall.

MagnaReady—a clothing line that replaces buttons with magnets— features better than average fall clothing options including Channels, long-sleeve shirts and pants. The patented magnetic closure system allows the clothes to click together with ease, all while still providing the same style and durability that modern styles and shirts have. The magnetic closure system is perfect for everyone, as it allows those with disabilities to independently and easily size down throughout the day.

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