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Pandemic and Politics


By: Veronica Leighton


What is happening right now in our lives is unexplainable beyond science and history, as there is no right guidelines as to what one must do in order not to succumb to death from the invisible enemy–Covid-19. Up to now. Yet, no matter how we look and analyze it, this pandemic has always some kind of political reasons, resultants, and implications to the global citizenry.

So many things have branched out of the coronavirus pandemic. First thing, where it originated, there are still unanswered how and why to many questions, conspiracy theories have surfaced, and political issues, particularly for the coming elections, have erupted all over and inflamed so many followers’ hearts.

As of this deadline, we are on the second surge of the pandemic. Some lockdowns have been lifted and businesses have started to open up like here in Chicago, yet other places in some states have stayed lockdown, particularly in major cities like New York, LA, San Francisco in California. Texas and Florida. Five months is a long time to stay locked-in inside your house. It’s just too much and too long for so many people to be trapped inside, especially in the summertime.

Witnessing how people in our community have reacted to the health and political rules that have been issued by the health and political officials for our own sakes, I am expressing my utmost admiration towards the people who conscientiously wear masks and follow the six-feet distancing rules wherever they go and do in all their activities. The Via Times staffers lead in being law-abiding citizens. Salute to all of you!

Sad to report that our dear friend and former Immigration columnist and advertiser, Mary Carmen Madrid Crost, has passed away (see page 27). Condolences and sympathies to her family, and we are pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

For this issue, we welcome with open arms our new immigration columnist, Mr. Richard Hanus (page 8). Richard shares the most-upto- date news on U.S. immigration law and his noteworthy experiences as an immigration law practitioner providing representation to individuals and employers/corporations.

His representation is for Family-Based Immigration, Job-Based Immigration, Deportation/Removal Proceedings Defense Counsel. He wrote for the popular Philippine Weekly for many years.

Enjoy your favorite columnists’ articles sharing with you the latest updates about the goings- on in our exciting community despite the Covid scares around us. We shall overcome!##


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