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The Alden Richards Factor: And His Chicago ForwARd Concert That Makes A Difference

Barely twelve years in the Philippine showbiz industry, yet Alden Richards is already creating a legacy that is distinctively his own!

It is hard to miss this Pinoy hunk in all the platforms of media these days. Dubbed as Asia’s Multimedia Star his face is all over billboards endorsing every possible brand. Lately, Century Tuna had him headlining at the Superbods, thanks to his new toned physique. His career has always been on the upswing and there is no stopping it. After the success of his 2019 movie Hello, Love, Goodbye, which is the top grossing film in the entire history of Philippine movies, he is also now promoting the Filipino adaptation of the Korean hit series Startup alongside Ms. Bea Alonzo. On top of that, his music albums have all turned to be multiplatinum. Everything that Alden Richard touches becomes gold.

But what makes Alden Richards such a bankable superstar? He is very talented and good looking, but what sets him apart from the others is his incredible personality and genuine goodness. That is why his fans are ever so loyal and generous in supporting every material that he puts out for consumption. Every Filipino celebrity that he ever worked with swears to the kindness, graciousness and good heart that is refreshingly Alden Richards.

On January 30, 2022, he held a virtual documentary concert entitled “ForwARd: Meet Richard Faulkerson Jr,” to benefit the student scholars of his very own AR Foundation, a venue to give back to the Filipino people who has loved him throughout his career starting from his breakthrough projects in 2011 until he became the ace artist of the GMA Kapuso Network. The entire Alden fandom buzzed with excitement when on July 1, 2022, he tweeted, “Moving Forward with a Purpose!” He disclosed thereafter the plan to bring the docu-concert from an online platform to live stage performance in the United States, with schedules in San Mateo (California), Valley Center (California), Jacksonville (Florida) and Chicago (Illinois). The announcement of the Chicago Concert has recently created a social media frenzy, and the concert is expected to take off in the market, as fans from out of state are now asking for details and making reservations. What is particularly unique about his Chicago concert is the attached initiative to support the SGFS Missions based in the suburban Chicago area. That makes this concert truly a benefit concert that will make a big difference in helping the poor and those who are receiving scholarship support. The show will also include Kapamilya star Sue Ramirez with a special participation of Fr. Sunny Castillo and front acts by other local Chicago talents.

For more information on tickets to the ForwARd: Alden Richards Concert, contact Direk Gerry Rebello (773-677- 3403) or Miss Sha (630-346-7775). See posters, print and online ads for details.

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