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Roger Odiamar President, Confraternity of Our Lady of Penafrancia (COLP)


By: Ryan Tejero


The Confraternity of Our Lady of Penafrancia (COLP), is a Catholic organization dedicated to the development of an authentic Christian spirituality. Its members join this special group to share their passion to glorify God and to attain personal sanctification and dedication through devotion to the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Penafrancia.

COLP was founded to promote and spread the devotion to the Blessed Virgin all over the world. Its primary goal was to form one single family and one united body among its members. There was a growing need to cultivate “social love.” An idea that transforms an individual’s preference of what is good into promoting the interests of the community, the parish, and the church, and extending their charitable actions to the whole world, knowing that there are members of the Mystical Christ, everywhere. The COLP is formed to honor and pray to the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Penafrancia. The COLP supports the parish where “INA,” (referring to Our Lady of Penafrancia) is enshrined, St. Matthias Church in Chicago, Penafrancia Shrine in Naga City, The Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia in Naga city, and also supports the Major Seminary in Naga City.

Membership, by enrollment in COLP, is open to those who are Catholics, without discrimination of their social and economic status, provided that they pursue a lifestyle that is acceptable by the values and doctrines within the Catholic Church.

The highlights of COLP’s events include the celebration of the annual devotion with a nine-day novena that starts on every 2nd Friday of Septembers and the celebration of the Feast Day on the 3rd Saturday of September, with a fluvial procession at Lake Michigan with the approval of the City of Chicago.

Since 1987, COLP’s leadership has not changed. Its president is still Rogelio “Roger” Odiamar. He said “my role is to continue the propagation of faith to the Lord and the Blessed Mother; and to strengthen the novena celebration and the Marian pilgrimages. COLP’s Executive Officers for 2019 are as follows: President: Rogelio R Odiamar; Vice President – External: Jimmy D. Alto; Vice President – Internal: Leo V. Serrano; Secretary Lilia O. Untalan; Asst. Secretary; Monette S. Calderon; Maria O Racho; Treasurer Alice M. Llames; Auditor: Aida D. Joseph; Press Relation Officers: Teresita P. Curry; Delia G. Silva; Marshall Rick Joseph; Noli Juarez; Virgilio Silva; Liturgist: Senen F. Baron; Amor Saenz; Nita Durante; Board of Directors: Rogelio R. Odiamar; Romy P. Badiola; Zayda O. Baron; Cyrill Llaneta; Advisers: Zayda O. Baron; Cyrill Llaneta; Founder & 1st President Concepcion Velasco.

Roger is very well-known in the community as an Allstate Agent since 1982. Through his job, he has served so many community members in their insurance needs for automobile, home, life, investments as well as their business insurance. As a leader in the community, Roger has to say “Always do the best you could for the improvement of your family. Involve in organizations that makes you feel comfortable and useful. Life is too short, expand your horizon by extending help to those who are in need.”

Roger was born in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur to the late and former Vice Governor Filemon M. Odiamar and Sotera Rosero Odiamar, who was a retired nurse. He is married to Ofelia Avila Francisco and are blessed with two wonderful children. Their eldest daughter is Maria Leila Odiamar Racho, who works for Allstate Insurance Company in Northbrook She is married to Charlie Baylon Racho. They have two children: Christian Benedict & Jacob Tyler. Roger’s son is Bryan John Francisco Odiamar who works for Pandora Music & Pod Cast as their Arts Director. He is married to Jamielyn Costes and they are blessed with daughter, Evie Collete Costes Odiamar.

If you are interested to join COLP, please visit Roger at his office, Allstate Insurance Company, 6054 W. Irving Parl Road, Chicago, IL 60634, or contact him at telephone (773) 545-0606, or email him at rogerodiamar@allstate.com.


Odiamar Family: Coby, Charlie & Maria Racho; Jamielyn & Bryan Odiamar Christian Racho and Evie Colette Odiamar.


COLP 25th Anniversary with Executive Officers

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