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The Philippine Independence Golf Tournament 2019


By: Maria Girlie Pascual


A big “Thank you” to the Filipino League of Golfers or FLOG, who stepped up to the plate on less than four month’s notice, went ahead, and successfully commandeered the three decade old event called the Philippine Independence Day Tournament or PIDT. Tana Nibat is the current FLOG President, Vice President is Ron Gammand, Treasurer is Glen Asoche, able Secretary is Ruben Pactol, Auditor is Anthony Aquino, and in charge of Public Relations is Chris Lati. The tournament also had its own committee, headed by Chair Jun Ramos, Vice Chair Darius Corpus, Secretary Ruben Pactol and Tournament Directors were brothers Femy and Noel Jara. Kudos to the FLOG officers, Committee members and players who showed us that unity makes for a well organized event and that the thankless job of event coordinating is simply stemming from the love of golf, and a penchant for camaraderie.

The day started with the organizers hoping for good weather, and the golf gods complied. Although they had a cloudy start, the players breathed a sigh of relief as the tournament went underway without rain. At the end of the five hour round, players were rewarded with a buffet at the Links of Carillon, now becoming a fast favorite among the Pinoy event organizers. DJ music provided a party atmosphere and some gamely stepped on the dance floor while waiting for the results. And the winners are:

Class A Champion, Joe Molina of the Asian American Golfers of Illinois (AAGI)

Second Place Class A is Jun Mejia of the Golfinos

Class B Champion is Martin Stillwell of Philswing

Second Place is Jun Cinco of BISDAK

Class C Champion is Tony Antonio of the Philam Eagles Golf Club

Second Place is Danilo Blancada of the Tamaraw League

Women’s Low Net Champion is Akari Fujiwara of PhilAm Eagles Golf Club

Second Place is Ching Schneider of Philswing/AAGI

2019 PIDT Overall Low Gross Champion is Pete Harrison of the PGC

Overall Low Net Champion is Boyet Tamondong of the Philam Eagles Golf Club

2019 PIDT Team Champion is the Philam Eagles olf Club

Second Place Team Champion went to the Tamaraw League

Congratulations to all the players, the different participating leagues and most especially to the winners! Until next year, MABUHAY and thank you to Bert Roman, founder of this prestigious outing for keeping the Filipino spirit alive through GOLF.

Please enjoy the pictures courtesy of my field reporter James “Papi” Delacruz, and from Ruben Pactol of FLOG.


The Team Champion of the 2019 PIDT the Philam Eagles Golf Club


The winners circle’s gleaming trophies for the Champions


Thank you to the 2019 PIDT Hosting team Filipino League of Golfers FLOG


The 2019 PIDT First Place Team Champion Philam Eagles Golf Club


The Asian American Golfers of Illinois


The Golfing Filipinos League of Golfinos


The former all women’s league Philswing now include boys and girls


Second Place Team winners TAMARAW league


PIDT founder Bert Roman’s Philippine Golf Club PGC


Newcomers BISDAK (Supposedly meaning “Bisayang Dako” or “Big Visayans, still open for translation, or imagination)


Senior Golfers of Illiois SGI


THANK YOU to the FLOG team for hosting a successful PIDT this year!


Golfers know how to hit down, and get down.


2019 PIDT Women’s Division Champion Low Net Akari Fujiwara of the Philam Eagles Golf Club


2019 Overall Low Gross winner Pete Harrison of PGC


2019 PIDT Class A Champion Low Net Incoming AAGI President Joe Molina


2019 PIDT Class B Champion Low Net Martin Stillwell with wife Carrie, Women’s Long Drive winner both Philswing team


2019 PIDT Class B Low Net Runner up Jun Ginco of BISDAK


2019 PIDT Class C Low Net Champion Tony Antonio of the Philam Eagles Golf Club


2019 PIDT Overall Low Net Champion Boyet Tamondong with wifey, Philam Eagles Golf Club

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