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Dalawang Baliw Sa Mental


By: James DC


Juan: Pare, tatakas tayo.
Pedro: Paano?
Juan: Aakyatin natin yong bakod. Tatalon tayong palabas. Sumilip si Pedro sa bintana.
Pedro: Pare, malas, hindi tayo makakatakas.
Juan: Bakit?
Pedro: Walang bakod.
Our language is called the Mother tongue because the Father never gets a chance to speak.
At dinner, Little Johnny was asked to lead the prayer.
“But I don’t know how to pray,” said Johnny.
“Just pray for your family, friends and neighbors, the poor, etc.”
said his father.
“Okay,” the boy said.
“Dear Lord, thank you for our visitors and their children, who Dalawang Baliw Sa Mental
fi nished all my cookies and ice cream. Bless so they won’t come again.”
Forgive our neighbor’s son who removed my sister’s clothes, and wrestled with her on her bed.
This Christmas please clothes to all those poor ladies on my Daddy’s Blackberry who do not have any clothes.
And provide shelter for the homeless man who uses Mom’s room whenDaddy is at work. Amen”
Husband called wife on phone and said, “Today no need to cook, I am bringing food from the Second Wife.”
Husband came home and knocked at the door. Wife opened the door and that was the only thing he remembered.
Husband is in ICU now.
Second Wife is a name of a particular restaurant. See photo.


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