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Dare The Impossible Dream


By: Nancy Abiera


“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Ilove to sleep even when I was a little child. I take short naps in the afternoon to clear my mind, gain some perspective and relieve me from worries. Now, forwarding as an adult, It is still my discipline that before I make an important decision, I would sleep on it fi rst.

I remember when I was 10 years old, I went up the roof of our house one afternoon and took a nap. I saw myself in a vivid dream how my future was like.

I gazed in the sky imagining as if I was watching my life unfold on the biggest screen TV. There was no limits, no boundaries, no if’s and no buts. I saw my dream life. I talked aloud about my dream to myself. I prayed to God fervently about my dream and I woke up inspired.

We all have dreams yet some may choose to stay asleep and keep on dreaming but doing nothing. I call this Sleep Dreams or just plain wishful thinking. At times, people continue day dreaming even when awake yet fearful to take the fi rst step. I call this fantasizing. Others dream and wake up with the focus and intent to accomplish what they dreamt about. I call this dream-fi lled faith.

I reserved the last one as the best choice and chose it for myself. Let me ask you a question. Which one would you choose?

Second question for you to ponder on. How can your dream come true if you do not have one.

I encourage you to write down some of the dreams you want to accomplish. I also challenge you to have a new perspective by giving you a new defi nition of what it means to dream. I also included the acronyms for each letter D.R.E.A.M. Dare Resiliently Expecting Abundant Miracles. . .

D. Dare Do the reverse of something in spite of what you see, think or do that you fear about. In short, Do it afraid.

R. Resiliently Do not stop pursuing your dreams even in times of diffi cult challenges. Never quit.

E. Expecting- Look forward to what you dream to accomplish and visualize them continuously. It’s like you’re pregnant with the dream about to be delivered soon. Keep your creative imagination at work.

A. Abundant is more than enough or anything in excess of the norm or standard. Never settle for less.

M. Miracles are Impossible things turning “I’m possible” with God’s help. You rest and God gives the best.

One of my favorite old songs of the 60’s is “The Impossible Dream”. Sing with me as I provided some excerpts of the song as follows: “To dream the impossible dream. . . To fi ght the unbeatable foe. . . To bear with unbearable sorrow. . . To run where the brave dare not go. . . To right the unrightable wrong. . . To love pure and chaste from afar. . . To try when your arms are too weary. . . To reach the unreachable star. . . This is my quest, to follow that star. . . No matter how hopeless, no matter how far. . . To fi ght for the right. . . Without question or pause. . . To be willing to march. . . Into hell for a heavenly cause. . . And I know if I’ll only be true. . . To this glorious quest. . . That my heart will lay peaceful and calm. . . When I’m laid to my rest. . . And the world will be better for this . . .”

Always choose “On A Bright Side”. I love you readers with the love of the Lord yet God loves you the most. Smile and be a blessing. . .

Rev. Nancy H. Abiera


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