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  • Lawless Madness

    Lawless Madness

    By: Veronica Leighton   Despite the lawless madness that has been going on around us, we try to see and do things as normal as before, but it’s difficult. It’s ...

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  • Black Lives Matter or President Trump?

    Black Lives Matter or President Trump?

    By: Joe Mauricio   Peaceful protests over George Floyd’s murder have been overshadowed by images of rage-fueled violence and destruction. When it comes to race relations, anyone who thinks rioting ...

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From The Readers

  • Happy to Help During COVID-19

    Happy to Help During COVID-19

    Hello Veronica These are unusual times. Many of our clients and friends have reached out to us wondering how to still get their pressing legal needs taken care of. It ...

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VT Readers

  • Alicia Monk

    Alicia Monk

    Alicia Monk, Multi-talented and active community leader in the Filipino American Community of Chicago

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  • For information: Contact 773-677-2707

    For information: Contact 773-677-2707

    More than 30million Americans have diabetes. Chances are, some of them are your loved ones. Day one coverage for insulin-dependent diabetics up to $50,000! For information: Contact 773-677-2707

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