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Tina Gruezo Surprise Birthday Party on her 80th

The surprise birthday party, concocted by her loving children, four living daughters and one living son (youngest son that passed named Jojo at the age of 28) and whose names all start in letter “J” and currently live in different parts of the U.S, would make any mother like TINA GRUEZO feeling so thankful to God for having raised and for being a doting mother to them. Her departed husband, Efren Tolentino Gruezo, could not have been happier in heaven. The Gruezo’s originated from Batangas City, Philippines. Born on February 15, 1937, Tina’s name is in honor of St. Faustina, Patron saint from Poland.

Her children Joh, Jegs, Jess, Jetjet, Joyvit (including Jojo) were known as “The Lucky 6 J’s” when they were growing up, singing, dancing and praying/playing their way on stage and in fiestas. They all have a unison feeling that, “Happiness is Having a Best, Beautiful Mother Like Tina Gruezo.”

Special grateful appreciation for this memorable occasion goes to Jzi Jame & Jiam Jett Obina, Ms. Lily Zaraspe (cousin from Canada), Ros, Suddaby & Jess Kanaz (cousins from Colorado), Dr. Rose de Leon & Dr. Rowena Nicholas & husband Alain (best friends from New Jersey), Veronica Leighton & Joe Mauricio from Via Times/CPRTV, members of the Magnificent Lions Club, headed by daughter JetJet Gruezo, for making Tina Gruezo feeling so special for the occasion of her 80th birthday. The memorable occasion was held at Holiday Inn Express on Mannheim, last February 18, 2017.##

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