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The Power of Words


By: Nancy Abiera


“Be careful with words. Words have power to break or make one’s heart glad or sad.”

Nancy H. Abiera

We use words when thinking, speaking or doing. Words express what we mean, value, intent or belief. They can be encouraging/ creative or discouraging/destructive. We can curse or bless others using words. My parents advised me when I was a little girl: “If you have nothing good to say, keep silent”. Notice the same letters were used in “silent” and “listen”. To be silent and/or to listen is great wisdom. James 1:19, teaches us to

“Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.”

Unfortunately, many of us are so fast talking back in anger while refusing to listen. This oftentimes leads us to all kinds of trouble. Thus, in order to avoid such, I learned early in life (and still learning) to be a peace-lover/maker by listening more and talking less. I believe for this particular reason, God created us with two ears and one mouth. Just imagine the face with two mouths and one ear. It is ugly!.

Be more reflective in using words by asking one or more of the questions below:

1. Is it building up?…… tearing down?

2. Is it productive?……. counter-productive?

3. Is it creative?……….. destructive?

4. Is it loving?………….. unloving?

Note that the words we speak can be very powerful. Our words reflect who we are on the inside including the B.U.G (the Bad… Ugly…Good). Some words can be forgiven while some can never be forgotten. Let’s empower each other by giving words full of L.I.F.E.





Always choose “On A Bright Side”. I love you readers with the love of God yet the Lord loves you the most. Smile and be a blessing. Rev.

Nancy H. Abiera

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