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  • Interesting Times

    Interesting Times

    By: Veronica Leighton   Don’t we have interesting current topics to talk about on this March issue as we live in interesting times. Coronavirus, pandemics, panic-buying, quarantines (self and demand), ...

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  • Coronavirus vs. Racism

    Coronavirus vs. Racism

    By: Joe Mauricio   With the coronavirus (COVID-19) potentially spreading across America and the entire world, citizens are best advised to remain vigilant regarding their health. In addition to remaining ...

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  • Judge Jesse Reyes (D),

    Judge Jesse Reyes (D),

    L-R: Judge Jesse Reyes (D), candidate for IL Supreme Court Justice, his wife Teri Reyes, Tina Nonato and Robert Maroon, host of fundraising event to elect Jesse Reyes.

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  • United States 2020 Census

    United States 2020 Census

    Here are important numbers to consider when fi lling out the Census 2020 form. $1,500,000,000,000 The census determines where $1.5 trillion in federal funding is allocated. Get counted and your ...

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